Lovely friday

This Friday I had a really nice day ^^ Unfortunately my PC has been broken and I couldn't share it with you. But here we are, me (still a bit ill) and my computer Kalliope (she goes like hell again), and we're ready to make a little exhibition of the latest photos :3

First of all, after a week from the announcement and opening the 'exhibition' we came to see and take photos of our collab. None of us came last week to take the diploma (teachers were angry probably, oh the surely were..). Bartosz came with our schoolmate Alice after the exhibition and got the diploma but, well.., we're not on the photos made by the local newspaper :D
Here's Bartosz and Alice week ago :)

And here are we: Bartosz, Kuba and me :3 We did this city map with Kate but she wasn't with us while taking those photos.

My entry for the contest is also there but I didn't get a diploma. Everyone liked it anyway, though.

Then my best friend came and we were fooling around untill it was sooo dark outside :)

That was a really nice day! Shame that because of all those things I didn't manage to finish the IF for that week :D


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  1. fajne uszy sobie dorobiłaś w fotoszopie :-)


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