DS II 23

Finally got to the point. It's the last of the late Daily Sketches, now I'm up-to-date :)

It feels nice.

Here are next 2 catmarks. I like the white one, it's the same silly type that this U-cat :3

All the bookmarks and catmarks are on my Etsy shop - feel free to check them out :) They're really cute!


DS II 22

 Two cats for day 22. With the first one I did not have a specific idea how to cut it out so it's more oval. But I think that the 2nd version looks better. Don't you think? :)

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DS II 21

 And the last U-cat bookmark :)

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Illustration Friday - Forward + DS II 20

Do you remember my cat? Well, it's a secret but I'll tell you, she became a super cat lately :) She often disappears and when comes back she wears a cape :P I should tell her that she is supposed to hid it before showing up again.

You can find this picture in my Etsy shop in the Little Pieces section.


DS II 19

 All those dots and spots remind me of a circus and/or clowns. This cat looks silly with them :)

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DS II 18 - Misiokot

 This is Misiokot - my Love's cat. He's not a zombie here - he looks like this when I learn him walk on two legs ;P


DS II 17

Siamese cat for day 17! When I was young we had a Siamese cat named Casper (after the cartoon ghost, I think). He was a silly cat always falling from places and being clumsy :)

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DS II 16

A little set of book tags I've made for day 16 :)

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