Immovable - Illustration Friday

And you thought that pizzas do not move ;)

Dedicated to my Love. And our constant journey to yummy pizzas :D



After weekend

I had a really bad humour this weekend. More - I've spend one day crying constantly without any particular reason. But probably I just need to cry from time to time to wash off all those bad emotions and thoughts and it sounds really well since I feel like a brand new me now :)

I've made two next recipes while being at home but, gosh, I've forgotten to take pictures of the sweets from the cookbook. I have photos of my versions of them but it's better to see the comparison, isn't it? So you'll have to wait for that.

However, I have an In Progress picture to show you - a commissioned picture which I will finish this week (I took it with me to the hotel because only weekend-long-work is not enough). The background is probably done, I will only add some finishing touches at the very end.

I took this photo at night so you just have to imagine that the sky is rather blue than this dirty violet-grey.



Daily Sketch - 94

I've made it while waiting for a coffee. Interesting thing: the waitress, you can see here, looked exactly like my mum when she was 20. She wore the same ugly glasses that are fashionable nowadays and she had this silly haircut (and black hair). I was staring at that waitress so hard (because it was amazing to find someone looking so much like sb else) that she saw it and got confused a bit ;)



Daily Sketch - 93

I have been on a walk in a big part and then I took a 'wrong' turn. The path looked lovely but it was full of snails! I have this weird anxiety that I will accidentally squash a bug - it's too disgusting and somehow terrifying for me.
I had a hard time there ;P

Pencil drawing done in Andren (notebook), made just after I came back to the hotel ;)



Daily Sketch - 92; Star Gazing - Illustration Friday

A bit out-of-date but it's worth waiting :)

I drew this picture in Andren (my notebook) with something particular in mind - on my birthday, as every year, the Perseid meteors were visible and a little trip has been organized to watch them. There were 8 people (if I remember it right) and we were enjoying ourselves a lot. Maybe only mosquitoes were the annoying and not-so-good part ;)

I've added colours in Photoshop and I really like the final effect. I like the softness of those animals :)

The bunny is me (this you should know)
The sheep is my Love (you could probably know that too)
The bird is Grubcio
The mouse is Lesio
The cat is Dusin
And the fox is my sister Kate :)

I haven't been thinking about the real people while drawing this but it somehow appeared that they suit the animals :)



Watercolour Moleskine - first page done!; DS - 91

Say *hello* to Elaina, my new adventure companion. Now my two comrades Andren and Elaina are always by my side, constantly ready to keep all my drawings and ideas I can share with the rest of the world later on.

So many pages to fill! :D

Perforation on every page so I can REALLY share the pictures with some people :3


Lazy weekend

I really would rather work a bit during weekends but it somehow seems impossible. But is it a bit thing?

Today I went with most of my family swimming and I fell asleep while suntanning, it wasn't too hot and it was almost evening so I'm not sunburnt. Gosh, it was nice. In moments like that I totally understand why cats can do it all day long every single day :D

Except being lazy I have also made a bit of progress in my commissioned work and in few Little Pieces that were waiting for a little amount of my time.

Shame that in those early stages of painting the whole time spent on working is actually waiting for the paint to dry =.= Otherwise I could show better things :D But still - right now the progress of those works is much better and some of them are even finished. Will try to keep up the pace!


Atmosphere - Illustration Friday

This illustration suits the theme perfectly, though it hasn't been made with it on mind. I started this piece so long time ago I can't even remember when exactly. Well, it probably needed that much time to ripen. And now it looks just great :D

And some close-ups :)


First attempt

I got my first cooking attempt this weekend. I bought my first ever cookbook full of chocolate-connected recipes recently and I chose something quite easy for the start - chocolate éclairs.

The process of making them was rather easy but, because I've started too late, I had to do it in two goes. And I think I somehow fucked up the filling ;] I don't really know what I did wrong but it had a different texture than the one you can see on the picture above. However, my family of sweet-devourers ate everything to the last bit and they liked it a lot :P I will try to make them one more time soon and maybe then the filling will come out just as it should.

Next weekend I will try something with raspberries. Two recipes that look interesting are named 'A Raspberry Craziness' and 'A Tower of Crunchy Cookies', so maybe there will be two tries next week, who knows? :)



Daily Sketch and Animation Course 3

It seems that my Daily Sketches have slowed down somehow. I still have few to show you but I don't find the power to make more. Or rather - power to make them everyday. This city I'm in right now brings me down so much. It's like being trapped in it and only thing I can think about is getting back home during weekends. I feel like crying all the time :(
What is the worst part - it's not a homesickness. I felt just right in a previous hotel I've stayed in. But now the place where I live is just wrong. I can hear cars and other vehicles driving just outside my window 24/7, there's no park or even a bit of greenness near the hotel and wherever you go there is always a grand road just beside you and you cannot get away from those damn cars and noises.
Yesterday I tried to find a bit of peacefulness in a local mart (I've tried it once and it was quite 'empty') but it was loaded with annoying people - each of them yelling or screaming and hurrying somewhere without reason. I could not possibly bare sitting with them in a crowded cafeteria so I just bought something for supper (cheese and rolls) and went back to the noisy hotel. Gosh, how much I hate it here :(


Few happier things now :)

- I bought a cookbook (my first!) which is all about chocolate sweets XD 120 recipes for cakes, cookies, desserts and so on. I'll make my first thing as soon as I go back home on Friday. It's a secret which one has been chosen but I'll show you photos what came out of it.

- It's high time to boast about it: I got a little watercolour Moleskine notebook from my Love on my birthday :) It looks lovely and there's already one picture inside of it. Not watercolour unfortunately (I don't have watercolours with me here this week) but still looks lovely.

- I have a prototype project of my first book! By now it has too many pages but since it's in a form of an album I can easily decide later on which ones should stay or go. It's quite easy to guess what it is about (no, not about Faceless Faeries) :D

- The Animation Course goes very well. Here you can see some things I am (or was) working on:

Always keep in mind those good things :)



Birthday Give-away winners

It's time to find out who the winner is!

 The winner of the 'Muddy Milk' print is...

Heather Nelson!

The winner of the 'Birdhouse' print is...


And the winner of the '31 Flavors' print is...


Let's congratulate all of the lucky winners :)

Hope you all had fun taking part in this little contest and I wish to have more opportunities to give you a lot of beautiful prizes :3



Daily Sketch - 90

My hamster Fryderyk :) He is slightly bigger in reality though...


Daily Sketch - 89

Made during waiting for a pizza and for a dessert :3



Daily Sketch - 88

Who suits a dog? A cat of course!



Birthday give-away! Yay!

This week I have my birthday and last weekend I finally launched my Etsy store and that sounds like a perfect opportunity to give you something, don't you think? :3

I have three postcard prints of three of my works so I need 3 people to give them to. Are you willing to be one of the lucky three?

All you need to do is write a comment under this post where you will say why you like my work. Don't forget to write your name and e-mail too!

Not your language? ;) To publish a comment you have to write it in a box underneath the post and click "zamieść komentarz". You can write it as an anonymous person or use one of the possible accounts given if you have one (like google or openID). Remember that orange button if used for final publishing of the comment. Easy, isn't it? ^^

The give-away will end on my birthday - 12th August and then 3 people will be randomly chosen and announced here. I will contact them by e-mail too.

So are you ready? I bet you are! :)


Daily Sketch - 87

I started 4 watercolour pieces this week but I just don't have enough will to finish them right now to show you (maybe it's because of the weather?). So I'll start with few pencil drawings I did. They make quite a collection! I will surely make more of them *nods*



Daily Sketch - 86; Artificial - Illustration Friday

That was a simple idea and probably a lot of people drew a robot but have anyone made a cat-robot? ;)



Daily Sketch - 85

Coloured sketch No. 83. I've tried a new way of making it and it looks quite nice - maybe I'll make every calendar picture this way, who knows?


Daily Sketch - 84

What a cutie! :D


Daily Sketch - 83

More of Tina and Fryderyk! Here they are sleeping on the water what was Children's Illustrator Club's theme for this month but, as usually, I was too late :/ But the picture is nice. I'll colour it later on.



Daily Sketch - 82

A sketch of two characters to a children's story - stinky dog Tina and always hungry hamster Fryderyk. Maybe I'll change them a bit but I still like the simple way they look now :3


Daily Sketch - 81

Made during a break in the Course - it's my friend Kamila and she sits next tome there. She holds an apple pie in the picture because on that day she ate one piece and was so ridiculously happy about it ;)


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