30 things on 30th birthday

I'm 29.
One more year and I will feel even more old than I feel now (hello there, after-birthday blues).
But maybe a brand new list will make me feel better in a year's time! We'll see!


1. Create new blog design
2. Start Adelaida's digital shop
3. Be a part of a fanzine
4. Finish one comic project
5. Upgrade portfolio
6. Write 20 snail mails
7. Make crepes for Love
8. Make a mousepad for myself
9. Re-make old cat bag
10. Clean up Uni works
11. Make a mobile
12. Draw my sisters
13. Get a next tattoo
14. See 5 new places
15. Go to the sea
16. Make a felt brooch/keychain
17. Plant a flower
18. Learn to swim freestyle
19. Paint sneakers
20. Dragon Age allnighter!
21. Bake a cake
22. Make an animation
23. Help someone
24. Remember a star constellation
25. Read 5 books
26. Go abroad
27. Buy an apartment
28. Get a big letter A decoration
29. Paint with oils
30. 24h PJs day!

Nothing complicated this year, as you can see :) I'm slowly getting back to my previous form. Wish me luck though!


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