I, They, maybe We

My school has organized a contest which theme is 'Ja, Ty, My, Oni' (= 'I, You, We, They') and I've made two entries for it. Those are really lovely entries :3

One is my very own idea, the first idea that came to my mind when I was reading the contest's rules and guidelines. The point was to show how complicated our minds can be for others, even if we think it's not that hard to communicate with us. There are times when people can not find their way in someone else's mind because they just don't have a map. Or a simple clue.I've decided to show two people and their worlds - a girl's and a boy's worlds. It's not only how I imagine how they can look; I've actually asked some of my friends what is needed in specific rooms and places in one's head. The girl's head is my own. There are many paths and a lot of rooms but for me it's clear what is where and why. However it can not be clear for somebody else.The man's head is less complicated - rooms and corridors are bigger and it's hard to get lost there. But it's a mess everywhere. Men think they have everything under control and they boast that they are less stupidly complicated than women but the truth is that they usually don't even know what is in their heads. No. They just don't. Of course I saw stupid girls with emptiness inside their heads but they don't act like if there was something there since there isn't.

The second work is a collaboration between me and my friends from school: Boschman, Baatilllathin and his gf, Kate. We had so much fun while doing it! And some special helpers too! First of all - my youngest sister, Zuu. She was sitting on my friends' backs all the time. My best friend, Princess, who was our DJ with her weird music :P and our friend Eve who decided that an UFO and a dachshund are a MUST. This work is quite big, 100x70cm, and it shows our crazy imaginated city. I had this idea before summer but then I thought we'll do it using lino. This month, when the contest was announced, we had too little time to make so many linos with each building and character separately. That's why we've decided to draw it :) Although it may seem disorganized - everything is on it's place here. We have a central point of the city where people can meet - the fountain. We have a market place, some shops (our favourite ones: cafe, music store), some old buildings with suspicious people living there, a suburbian area with blocks of flats and detached houses. There's a city park and a railway station, a superhero and an emo kid. Everything what's needed to make the city last long :D

I'll take some photos when those 2 works will be hanging on the school walls with other contest entries. I think our entry will be the best one!



  1. widze ze slimaka caly czas nie ma ;-)

    btw: to ja wymyslilem lodowke z piwem, prawda? :D

  2. Slimak zostanie dodany jutro przed samym oddaniem pracy :) a lodowka to Twoje dzielo, zgadza sie :D


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