Tall - Illustration Friday

Purr is quite excited :) It's well past her birthday but with a new friend, Milla, they just party hard all the time!

This illustration is a Purr's birthday giveaway gift - custom made for Milla the cat :) The rest of the gifts you can see on Purr's (and Teddy Cat's and Bobek's) blog - The Meow Blog.



From my sketchbook #9

It's hard to scan from this spiralled notebook, so photos will have to do ;)

 Snot the mini cat :) Comic about her is on the way and will appear soon on The Meow Blog

 You will see more of those tea cup animals soon :D Oh yes, you will! And maybe some dachshunds too!

 Custom gift on the way. I think it will be a bookmark. The cat on the top is my Purr :)

 Sketches for this illustration. Of course I didn't do any colour sketches and really hated myself for that later on...

 In the past I was drawing fashion illustrations quite often. Now I make them only on rare occasions, don't really know why.

 I've written a short story about a bouncing bunny - to commemorate my topic being chosen by Illustration Friday as a weekly topic ('bounce'). The text is ready, now I only need to work a bit on the thumb illustrations. And then you'll see a mini dummy book, I suppose :)

That's all for now. My new sketchbook really gets me going with all my ideas. I just want to draw all the time.


Teacher - Illustration Friday

Not all teachers are cool. Some are like shadows from medieval times.

Short anecdote: When Harry Potter first arrived in Poland and there was that big BOOM over this book, some teachers decided to do something about it. In my sister's school (elementary) the headmaster announced that Harry Potter books are evil and all pupils caught reading the books during breaks will be punished. Wicked :) Of course it didn't stop anyone from reading - it even made a big storm between parents and the headmaster and brought new readers who wanted to see where this evil in the book actually is.
Wonder if that headmaster even read the book in the first place...

There is a bit of story written on this illustration. It's about a rabbit princess trying to find a Royal Carrot ;)

I've made this illustration in a different way than I usually do. It stressed me a bit - for most of the time the picture looked rather wrong :P But I guess I've managed to get it right in the end. What do you think?



27 things on my 27th birthday

When I see this list I start to think when I will find time for all this, but a whole year is a lot of time. And it's good to push oneself harder to do more and do it better.

Here's a list for this year. Deadline - 12th August 2013.

1. Do something nice every day.
2. Illustrate 1 old fairy tale.
3. Publish 2 of my books on the Internet.
4. Create and wear my T-shirt design.
5. Sew and decorate 2 pillow cases.
6. Get prints in my Etsy shop.
7. Make a set of pendants to sell.
8. Introduce 3 new ideas to my shop.
9. Draw at least 1 cat comic a month.
10. Create a short animation.
11. Make a 2013 calendar.
12. Learn basics of Finnish on my own.
13. Go to a language school and study hard.
14. Finish reading 'The Witcher'.
15. Win a contest.
16. Wear more skirts and dresses.
17. Make 5 recipes from my pasta cook book.
18. Go on a long car trip.
19. Fly on a plane.
20. Create a Book Of Adventures.
21. Try 3 new things.
22. Learn 2 new things.
23. Visit 3 new places.
24. Make my life more Zen.
25. Practice yoga.
26. Control anger.
27. Work hard.

Lately I've noticed that I'm getting more and more mean and angry. Don't know if I'm just surrounded by wrong people or in a bad moment of my life or just getting old and turning into a vicious crazy cat lady - either way it's not very good. Just bad, actually. So I've decided to go through a project of doing something good to someone every single day. I've read somewhere about it and it seems to be a great change from a normal day to day life. I don't want to be an angry weirdo! That's why two points from my list are dedicated to this attitude change.

Another problem I'd like to solve is my always-lurking-somewhere-behind-me self insecurity. There are those days when I feel completely out of place and without any set purpose, like a little ant waiting only for some shoe to squash it. Not really a nice feeling, I must admit. So I've decided to create a Book Of Adventures to comfort me during those bad moments - it will be filled with all those good things that happened to me which show that I'm not just an ant. That I've made and I'm still making my mark on this planet, and this mark is not just a wet squash spot ;) It's a bit like in 'Up' movie but with art achievements included.

The rest of the points will keep me rollin' all year long, busy with my personal growth. Can't wait to start ^__^

Here's the last year's list, if you'd like to see how it went.



26 things on my 26th birthday - conclusion

I'm officially 26 for almost a week now, so let's see how I've managed to complete my list. I already have some ideas for the new one, like making the tasks more 'sit down and do it' so I can do at least some of them without so much preparation.

Here it goes:

1. Get driving licence. At last. DONE!
2. Write and illustrate my own book. I've got lots of sketches but none of the stories and pictures I've made can be named a Book.
3. Make my web site. Changed my blog's layout to make it look more pro. That should count for something ;)
4. Create a T-shirt design (and get that Tee to wear!). Partly done; there will be no problem with it next year since I work at a silkscreen print production.
5. Learn to sew. No progress whatsoever.
6. Sew something for me to wear. Not even a handkerchief.
7. Sew something for the house to have. Not even a pillowcase.
8. Make an inspiration board (because it's not so inspiring right now..). DONE!
9. Learn Italian (go through the whole beginning course I've got). Nope.
10. Learn Finnish (same thing) Nope.
11. Get a new pretty tattoo :) Got a feather tattoo on my right side.
12. Keep my weight. Got it.
13. Get more girly. Longer hair will have to do it.
14. Make Daily Sketch vol. 2 for at least a month. DONE!
15. Read all books by Trudi Canavan. DONE!
16. And 'Witcher' books. Almost done.
17. And all 'Moomins' books :3 Almost done.
18. And finish reading all those books I've started and stopped reading for some unknown reason. Not done. But I at least haven't started reading new ones!
19. Find a representative in UK and/or US. Not done.
20. Win a contest. Tried!
21. Buy something valuable for my Love. DONE! :)  
22. Get more into zen. Partly done. But it's worth doing better than that.
23. Practice yoga. A bit done.
24. Take my Etsy shop to a next level. Partly done.
25. Visit two places I have never been to before. DONE! Been to Prague and explored my city's closer surroundings.
26. Get out to my own place. I guess I'm waiting for my Love to move on with him.

To sum up:
Done - 9/26
Partly done - 9/26
Undone - 8/26

So it's only 30,77% of a total failure ;)

I'll post a new list soon. Maybe one of the points will be to lower the failure percentage to 25% ;)



Super Cat sneakers

Freeze! It's the Super Cat!

Some time ago I bought a pair of cheap white sneakers with a purpose of painting them. And the time has come to do so!

(Especially because my old sneakers are falling apart)

When I first thought of it, while being in a shoe shop, I was quite sure they will be blue and will have clouds on. Today I decided that it would be interesting to go with the flow and not plan what else will appear on them.

So I've set everything up, prepared my paints (acrylics) and brushes, started playing Star Wars II  on my computer and... BAM!... a Super Cat appeared from nowhere! :D Well, he's a super cat - they tend to appear from nowhere ;)

Here are some progress photos:

Oh, how I love those shoes! I will surely make more, it's so much fun. And there are never enough of super-cat-and-stars shoes!

Finally, I've shown the shoes to one of the cats, and it seems he approves. Thankfully! :D

I think I can treat this shoe painting as one of my Challenge's topic - limited palette. I've used only white, black and light blue acrylic.

How do you like them? :) Maybe you've got some propositions for next shoes?



Giveaway + Lonely - Illustration Friday

To celebrate my cat's 2nd birthday I've made 3 super cute illustration to give away to anyone who wants them :) You can read more about the giveaway here, on my cats' blog.

Here are the illustrations you can win:

Aren't they adorable? :3 S CLICK and get them for free!

BTW, it's my birthday giveaway too! ;)


I've heard that bunnies are from the moon. But it can be a very deserted place if one of them accidentally lives alone. A bit like 'The Little Prince', but they have no rose or even a carrot there.


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