Weekend with sisters

Oh, that was a weekend ^^

(this blog starts to change into a photoblog :P)

(But it's not that bad, is it?)

My little sister had her birthday party this weekend and it got everything and everyone standing upside down. A lot of nerves got in the way but plenty of fun, too. I really enjoy planning and creating new values and events with my family. They all aren't that bad afterall.

But I'm the one who looks the worst on photos. No, not you mom :P

My sister's birthday cake - I'd do a better decoration :3

Bunny-sister, bunny-mom and my sheep-love ^o^

Oh, that's a really big mess on the wall!

Zuu :3

They always make such a mess..

Kate :3


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  1. szkoda tylko ze ten Twój sheep-love na tych zdjęciach z tymi dorobionymi uszami wyszedł jak skończony kretyn ;(

    btw: kiedy byłyście z Kaśką w McDonaldzie? :> widze go w tle! i czemu mnie ze sobą nie zabrałaś?! ;P


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