Poor Alice

Loneliness, calmness, dullness...

I wish I had a bit more energy. It may appear to be essential now.

My little wacom tablet, Alice, is having problems. I can not send her back to the shop and make it repaired since I don't know where her warranty is. I think the time to buy a new tablet is closer than ever. Bamboo Boy would be not that much of an effort for my wallet but I want to go to the next level - Intuos level. But they are damn expensive. Too damn expensive for me...

I need money. Shit. I'll have to find myself a proper job and start working hard. Or working at all. Sometimes it looks like I haven't been working for ages; I'm only playing all the time, not giving too much of myself. Not giving anything at all! And it's even worse in reality because I am aware of that and nothing is being done with it.

Let's get down to work!
  1. design invitations for Proms and for weedings,- make a children's book illustration for school
  2. teachers are good customers too ;)
  3. finish the commission I've started almost ages ago and which will be a great work, I can already see that,
  4. Illustration Friday entry every week,
  5. make an awesome portfolio and send it wherever I can >o<
A. I'm already sleepy...


  1. Your drawings are beautiful. When I first started illustrating I carried my folder around publishers in London day after day, and worked about 2 or 3 days a week, in shops, washing up, anything that I could do that didn't tax the brain but did pay the rent. Met some great people doing that. One minute I would have the front cover of a magazine, the next minute I would be cutting and packing someone's cheese in the Guildhall market in Bath. All of this fed my work as well as me.
    Your sketchbooks look great. I wish you luck, a big commission and peace of mind
    Love from JAckie and teh gingercats

  2. Hey Susan,
    I empathise with your feelings - I often feel the same, at age 47! I've just chucked in a job at the local pate factory, as I was soooo tired all the time (working nights, packing pate) so no drawing - no nothing.
    Now it's back to lots of time, but no money....
    But there is a little drawing on my site inspired by your comment about 'planting bunnies'!
    I had fun doing it, and love the idea of growing bunnies, my cats would think they were in heaven!
    Best Wishes,


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