Swarm - Illustration Friday

A swarm of bees? No no no... A swarm of super cats is flying in my mind :)

I have painted this illustration on a peachy paper I found in my artistic mess. It's not a messy mess - it's just a mess with a lot of things I have forgotten about, never used sheets of fabulous papers, newspaper cuts collected for inspiration, etc. I just need to check this mess from time to time and I'll surely find many treasures there :)

Wonder when my cat phase will end. Not that I dislike it :) I'm just wondering.



Stroll in a park

I like parks. As soon as the snow will disappear I will go there almost every day just to walk to and fro. Sometimes it feels the best to go alone with a sketchbook and a pencil and sometimes it's better to take someone with me and talk, feed pigeons or have a little picnic. When it comes to picnics the more is the better! :)

This illustration was also made in my watercolour Moleskine while playing Heroes of Might & Magic V with my Love. Even now when I think of the game my minds turns on to creative mode :) Lovely feeling.



Warrior shaman

I have invited my Love to my place so we could be ill together :) We have spent whole days on watching movies, sleeping and playing Heroes of Might & Magic V. We are great fans of this game and we can't wait for a next part to appear.

Some games can inspire me so much. I just need a bit of fantasy, an elf or two, a lot of magic and beer+snacks :D My inspiration always comes out in a form of game related pictures and this is how they can look.

I've made this illustration in my little watercolour Moleskine and I must say - it's just great to paint in her (her name is Elaina and she's one of my comrades :3). The paper acts a bit differently than one of my favourite papers by Canson and Arches but I like its heaviness and slightly textured surface. It goes well with that lot of water I usually use. I should get a bigger sized watercolour Moleskine, too!



Let's dance

I have this need to create something little. I have been ill lately and I had no power to do anything - but with small steps getting back to my normal art mode will be surely easier :)



Super cats save the day

Something I've made recently. The blue one was made especially for me - because my coat looks too boring and dull. But the grey one is for sale in my Etsy shop - The Secret Drawer.

The blue one is named Midnight and the grey one - Rain Bringer :3



'F My Life' said kitty; Layers - Illustration Friday

This week you can see my little comic on the front page of FMyLife :) A story I have chosen to illustrate of course has got a kitty in it - that part was obvious ;)

The story: Today, I was playing around with my sister's kitten. As a joke, I put him underneath the sheets and farted. He attacked my nuts. FML

And here is a short interview I have also given - click click

The kitten was inspired by my Love's new cat :)



Sweater - Illustration Friday

It's been a while since I used a bunny in my paintings. So I thought it's hight time to change it and even had an idea of a bunny wearing a sweeter in a windy and cold day. But then it occurred to me that four bunnies are better than only one.. and a sweater has precisely 4 places to put bunnies into! What a coincidence! :D



Reverse - Illustration Friday

That's the first idea that came to my mind :) I've decided it's silly enough to use :D



Finnish mouse

I've started learning Finnish some time ago and it's been a pain since. Maybe if I concentrate on it more then I could see some real effects ;) However, I have a Finnish mascot to accompany me in the process and here it is:

This mouse have no name yet. But he surely will get one! (Now I only know that he is a he-mouse ;P). I have a bad feeling that I will have to ask him in Finnish.



Surrender - Illustration Friday

I have this feeling that a cat stage of my work came. I want to draw cats all the time. Even now. I have dozens of cat-ideas in my head. Blue and cats - that's what's hot in Adelaida's world now ;)

I surrender!



Full of colours and work

What I've been doing lately? A lot! :) But somehow I feel that many things are still untouched and should be already finished.

But here's what I have:


 Lately I have finished a new commissioned illustration. If you remember the previous one then here the characters are having a snack party :)

Ha. I tried to take a photo of my cat today to show you how big she is now but it appeared to be quite impossible ;P All of the photos ended up like this or with no cat in them at all.


Yesterday I finished varnishing my two latest bracelets that are available in my Etsy store Secret Drawer. Gosh, they are lovely. Can I keep them? :3

That's all for now, I think. I have many artistic plans for this month and I hope when February ends I will feel much better with my creative self than when January did.


Let me introduce.. Misiokot

Home without a cat is a weird place.

That's what I thinks and that's why I was so stubborn in repeating to my Love it's time for a new cat. You like cats? Yes? So why you're still catless?

And here's what my Love has got now:

Isn't he a cutie? XD

His name is Misiokot (Teddy Cat) and he's a Maine Coon. He looks like a toy with his tail pointed up and clumsy moves :)


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