The Queen of Green

Why is it so hard to keep my jealousy hidden; having nothing to say; not making me feel so bad.

The Queen of Green, let's call her like that, always makes me want to be the best, be the only one noticeable or worth noticing. She makes me feel a bit ashamed - too much egoistic attitude. But isn't that true that we all want to be as good as possible; we want to show all those 'others' what we can do and that we can do it fabulously. So maybe it's normal... Isn't it?

As long as she doesn't make me hate my friends because they're better than me - I think it's OK. It pushes me to go further and deeper, to reach the things I wouldn't have normally thought of seeing.

The Queen of Green is coming...

But right now she's waiting for a bus to my place :P


Little furniture attacks!

Since it's already after Christmas I think I can show you what I and we have done.

First of all, I need to mention and underline that I had a lot of fun making those little pieces of furniture. I am sure I'll make next ones in the future, someday.

Second, the receivers (my sister and my friend Eve) were so happy when they unwrapped those presents :D Actually... Eve was happy. In the first moment my sister was holding the little commode upside down and she didn't know what it was; we had to turn it right and then she was happy :D

So here they come!

The Little Commode

for my sister Kate

I've bought a wooden commode in a shop and painted it (base + dark green). Then I've googled some dragonflies' pictures and after choosing 2 most "pretty" I've drew them with a golden outliner.

The Girly Casket

for our friend Eve

This time we (me, the Little Monster, Boschman and Bartosz) bought a wooden casket via internet shop, it's much much cheaper! Then it was painted (base + brown/pink/red) and the ornaments were made using outliners for glass paintings and acrylics. The heart and the butterfly are Boschman's, the ornaments inside the drawers belong to Bartosz and the little bunny is mine :)

I'm so proud! :D



Resolutions.... NOT!

Is there any sense in making the New Year resolutions? Why do we make them on the Now Year's Eve - not on any other day? For me it's a day like every other day, only the year's last number changes. There are a lot of months' first days and why do we not make resolutions then?

Is it that hard to change yourself just now, in this certain moment? Will it come easier when the year changes too?

I'll not make resolutions for the New Year. I make them everyday. And I see that not all of them had came to a certain point of which I can be proud. So it's a bit easier for me - I have a lot of chances to change myself, not only one in a year. Consequently, a smaller disappointment appears when all my wishes just fade away with no visible result.

However, when I have so many chances I do not treat them with a proper. let me call it, respect. They just come and go, like every minute and every day always bringing the next one to waste (or not!). Sometimes while making a resolution I can already hear an inner voice laughing out loud. Creepy moments. When you know you'll not waste your only chance for change you are able to make resolutions you don't really want to work on. Those are the ones you 'should' make but which are too hard to be done and which will use too much of your energy. I should give those resolutions a name because they show up so frequently...

To be true - I would like to make a resolution and change myself a bit before the New Year. I believe that the way we finish this year shows how the next year will look.

I'll try to do my best, I promise.

*oh, shut up you stupid Voice! I'm not listening to You!*


Happy New Year :*



Daily Dictionary (1-7)

It's been a while since I and my friend Boschman started our daily Dictionary. What is this Dictionary thing? Every day, when we have a little brake, we open our dictionaries and with closed eyes we pick a word. Then we choose a better word from the two we have and make a quick sketch somehow connected with that word. The sketch takes 30 minutes - no more, no less.

I can already see (after 7 sketches) that I've improved a bit and that the ideas, which have to come very quickly, are more complex and have a little story behind them - just as with my finished pieces which take me more (much more) than 30 minutes. When you have so little time to show what you have on mind you start to search for actions of less effort and bigger result. I've started to use more brushes to show the texture and material of which items in the sketches are made. I have to play more with colours, which I didn't do at that early stage, to show the mood I'm thinking of. It appeared to be quite easy, though :)


FIRST - 2008 XII 5

2008 XII 6 - we were on a Film Party whole night

PLEDGE - 2007 XII 7


OUTDOOR - 2008 XII 9

POCKET - 2008 XII 10

COUCH - 2008 XII 11

The only thing that makes me sad is that most of the sketches would be great works. But with this speed and growing amount of them it is impossible (yeah, right) to finish all of them. Still, it's good to have them materialised somehow - not only floating in my mind :)



Balloon - Illustration Friday

I could do plenty of works with a Balloon theme :3 The same with Kites - I love those colourful objects floating in the sky, looking just like little still not known to us monsters. It makes my imagination go wild (and happy :P).




Nordic Art and Graphic Challenge 2008.

There was no other option than Freya. My first, last and only great idea :) It was so obvious...

Character design

First composition concept and colour palette

Sketch of a better idea

In progress...

Final work :3 Lovely, isn't it?

Close up

Then I've decided to do a Nordic goddess for my best friend, too. And here she is - Skadi. I think I'll make her the same way I did Freya. Just give me some time :)

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