Lost and found

To keep the inner self balanced it is sometimes needed to listen to It more patiently than usual. And only to It. And this is what I did.

A place where I can talk with myself freely and find out my deepest needs of which I had no idea is my mother town. Puławy. It's a rather small town and it's beauty and calmness always amazes me. Not mentioning that my grandparents live there and the other half of my family, too. So there are at least 9 people there who want to see me every time I'm around, that's a really nice feeling ^^

Only few hours there, spend at my grandparent's place with my grandma and grandpa talking to me all the time made me feel better :D don't know why some people's talk is so annoying and in someboy's else version it's like a cure for your deepest wounds. I was cured.

Let's see how my artisitc blockade disappeared and why.

Garden in Puławy. Photos taken with my mobile phone so the quality is rather low. Hmm... It's very low!

Two entrances to the Garden.

Some river going through the garden. Is it Wisła?

Sybilla Temple.

Chinese House.

My drawings. I drew all the time except when I was sleeping and when my grandma fed me like if I was a very poor and hungry child (do all grannies have that Feed You To Death thing? :P).

Sunset in the Garden.

Some pigeons. Don't know why I did them :D

Lady in a bathroom.

Lady in a bathtub.

Some kind of a brick tunnel in the Garden. Looks lovely!

Drawing in a moleskine notebook. With a little helper ^^

One of the entrances to the Garden.

Reading a book. With an audience :P

Secrets from a drawer.
A bit of smile :)


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  1. Przepiekne - zarowno mysli, ktorymi sie dzielisz, jak i rysunki i zdjecia. Ciesza oczy i dusze. Z przyjemnoscia dodaje Cie do linkow u siebie, i bede czesto zagladac. Pozdrawiam :-)


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