Capo di tutti capi

Some time ago someone asked if I could make a Christmas gift for a girl showing her cat. The cat, named Behemot, is a real bad ass and he bites and scratches everyone, even his two-legged family. The goal was to show his attitude in the painting. I think I've managed really well :)

How do you like it?



Window stars

Lately I've made Christmas decorations (it's my first time!) with my Love. We have created paper stars and hang them on golden and silver threads on a window. The look really really pretty :)



Traditional printing classroom

I don't know if I have ever showed how my favourite place on the University looks. It's a place where I work (or rather 'worked') on my fab Faceless Faerie series of illustration. What I like the most about this place is that you can take over the whole room and then workflow is just incredible :) You just have to find the moment when you'll be alone there.

 This is the work place the way I see it when sitting at the great table. You can see a press in the middle, a table on the left where you apply the ink and make all those dirty preparations, a sink just behind the press to wash your dirty hands (it's better to wear gloves than try to wash off paint with water ;) ), on the right inside this kind of aquarium is a place where you wash off paint from your offset stencil. And on the table you can see my 'Bus' print :)

Faeries always sit somewhere near me :)

But during working on traditional prints they usually sleep in my pencil case or on my notebooks :)



Not dead and artsy

I have a lot of photos to share with you :) So here we go:

It may look sweet but in reality this smelly dog of ours slept in my parents untidy bed again and the cat was trying to punch her ;P The cat was running to fast for me to take a good photo so only the one where she was getting ready looks sharp enough. On the other way my dog is deadly afraid of all sorts of cameras - maybe she thinks her soul will be stolen when I take a picture of her. Who knows :)

Some time ago I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a cat. It's already finished but I can't show it before Christmas as it's a surprise Christmas gift. But it looks great :)

 I am crafty lately because I found something that really caught my attention - beaded embroidery. I've already made 3 cell phone cases with beads; one sold, one a Christmas gift. I have few more on the way - the one with a yellow flower will be for sale.

 My cat likes to accompany me when I work (she actually sleeps on my knees right now too). To be true: I prefer when she sleeps while I work since she can make a great mess when she's awake. Lately she has run through my oil paints palette 3 times, each of the time ending in a struggle of washing her paws with a soap under the tap.

Sweet kitty as a conclusion of my live lately. Marie Antoinette usually sleeps in weird poses. It's so cute :)


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