Today I was making plenty of little sketches for the book "A Journey to Meet the World" by Alex R.. Don't know if I can tell more but, to be true, I don't really know what to tell about it. This tale is a kind of children's book. It tells a story of two butterflies who travel the world and learn how to live their lifes.

I'm eager to start making final pieces but I can't do them now since the text and some plot details are still changing or can be changed in the future (and I think they will be changed...). But it's a bit sad and discouraging! I really want to see how will those pictures come out and waiting just makes me wanna really forget about this commission... Those commissions. Because there are more than 20 illustrations to be made for this book.

Still, I'd like to show you those little butterflies and caterpillars of mine ^^ and here they are:

Oh, those are really sketchy sketches...


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