Space - Illustration Friday

My very private space.

I'm in love in spending time outside, sitting among trees and lying on blankets on a green grass. I could do it every day :3 It's a pure relaxation to me.

This picture is my first illustration for The Challenge - pyramidal composition. It wasn't that hard. Now I'll pick one from the Palettes' part.

You can also find this illustration in the Sweet Sketch Blog :)




I have decided to copy Faerywitch's challenge idea, since it's just a marvelous idea! You can see it in the original post here.

The GOAL is to create one illustration for each of those points. I have not tackled most of those topics like EVER, so it will be something new.

1. Monochrome - DONE!
2. Limited - DONE!
3. Complementary
4. Primary
5. Secondary
6. Tertiary
7. Split complementary
8. Analogous
9. Multicolour
10. Warm
11. Cold

12. Pyramidal - DONE!
13. Spiral
14. Big group of people
15. Architecture
16. One point perspective
17. Two points perspective

I dare say I'm most frightened of the architecture and perspective topics - it's always a drama for me to draw straight lines ;) After a minute of thinking - all 'composition' topics are kind of painful for me :P So I'll start wit them!

I will be updating this post after each finished point.



Shiny - Illustration Friday

My cats always find a shiny new place to sleep - as soon as I change something in my room they come for an inspection and if they approve, they sleep in the spot :P Silly cats ;)

It's also my illustration for the 4th prompt in The Sweet Sketch Blog :3 Wonder what will be the next topic.


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