Daily Sketch III - Day #21-30

Here comes the next 10 sketches I did. I have started with two done on my phone and then I had a bit more time so I got back to watercolour ones. Because I adore watercolours :)

To move my brain even more than I do through daily practice, I've decided to do some quick splash art. "What's that?", you ask. Here comes an explanation. First I leave some watercolour marks, dots, splashes, strokes, whatever on paper and leave it to dry. Then I take the paper and rotate it in my hands to see if the shapes formed by splashes remind me of anything particular. It may be a thing (a tree) or just a feeling (sunny afternoon). Sometimes it's hard to see anything, sometimes it's really easy. Try it yourself, just for fun :)

To make things a bit more complicated I use colour schemes randomly selected by Color Scheme Designer - click "random -> randomize palette" on the top menu to see how it works. Some colours it selects are pretty wicked but they always go well together.

Enough of the talking, here are my sketches:

 Day 21 and 22 done on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in SketchBook app by Autodesk (totally worth buying).

 Day 23 - painted while listening to The Civil War's new album. It's amazing as always.

 Day 25 - This is a cat character in which I put great expectations. But since it's a secret project I cannot tell more yet ;)

Those "splash sketches" vary pretty much from what I usually do. But, because of that, they are quite a relief to do - no one expects anything particular from them, not even me. Plus, it's really a lot of fun to force my brain and imagination to work harder and differently than usual.


Reflect - Illustration Friday

That was quite a big coincidence with this week's Illustration Friday's topic.
I paint my Daily Sketches each morning and since for some time I've been painting in a splash method* I don't really have much influence in what I will paint. And my Friday's, 27th Daily Sketch's, splashes reminded me of a lake :) So here it is - a peaceful reflection.

I will post next bunch of sketches (#21-30) tomorrow so you can see the rest of the splash art. Also, I think I will add photos of how the splashes looked before I got down to them :) It's quite interesting - everyone or anyone can see something entirely different in them.

If you can't wait for those photos you can check my Instagram, where I show them daily.


* I splash some paint on paper and when it dries I try to find some sense in those strokes, dots and marks.


Daily Sketch III - Day #11-20

Here's a next batch of daily sketches. I didn't have much time this week for watercolour ones so I had to sketch digitally while commuting to and from work. Which was really good - I never knew that you could make such nice pictures on your smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a stylus + Autodesk SketchBook app).

 First went 2 more postcards I needed for Christmas/New Year purposes.

All those were made on my phone.

Here's part   #1-10

As I've mentioned before, I post those sketches daily on my Instagram (I'm alexadelaida), Tumblr and Twitter :)



Daily Sketch III - Day #1-10

If you haven't already seen it on my Facebook profile, nor Facebook fanpage, nor Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr - then I have to announce I have started Daily Sketch again. It's my 3rd edition and I'm full of willpower to make this one longer than the previous ones :)

Here are my first ten days:

They all are quite small (two last ones are the biggest - postcard sized). I start making them every morning before I go to work then finish as soon as I get back home. It's about 0,5h for each.



Pattern - Illustration Friday

I woke up today to a view of overwhelming whiteness outside. It was snowing only a bit yesterday so I guess that the night must have been pretty busy for the Snow Queen ;)

Anyway, this squirrel has been prepared for a situation like this for a long time. Warm hat and cute mittens hand sewn by his grandma just couldn't wait to be worn!

This little fellow is also my day #7 of the Daily Sketch III marathon. I will post the sketches/illustrations every 10 days so I hope to see you back in here in 3 days' time :)



Refrain - Illustration Friday

When a cat meows to me I can not refrain from meowing back!

Now you know :)


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