What car to choose?

Some time ago (on 11th September) I went with my Love and his friend on a Convention of American Vehicles (or just Cars). I have been on it before and I actually liked it a lot so I was eager to see what fancy car will come and show themselves this time.

Last time I loved all the Corvette cars that showed up. Now, it seems, my taste changed drastically. They all looked too cheap for me. All except one - Corvette Sting Ray, which is an oldie and not cheap at all ;)

This car was funny - it looked like made for a doll. If I were a doll this car would be part of my doll-set :D (And if I ever become a countrywoman I will totally have one!)

Friend told me that this pink car is the same as the one Elvis Presley had. I adore Elvis :3 He must have looked funny in this barbie-ish car XD

Don't really know why but all of those cars (I have no idea how to call this type of cars... Maybe, cars with weird rear lights) have a miniature of themselves inside:

And now it's time for the one I totally fell for. A very big, very strong and very not-economic-nor-environment-nor-money-savings-friendly...


He's so lovely I had to hug him!

Hope I will have a car like this one day :)



Daily Sketch - 95

Encouraged by Tumblr I've decided to change my Daily Sketches into constant doodles which I will upload here and on my Tumblr blog. Of course I will still make some traditional-medium sketches but for now those seem to be more appropriate (since I use computer all day long and have no time for traditional pieces).

Let's go :)


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