Daily Sketch - 80

I woke up very early that day (Monday) so I did a lot of little sketches. Maybe I could change some of them into stickers or sth like that?


Daily Sketch - 79

That was a real quicky :) But it was fun to do! So little work and such a good effect.



Daily Sketch - 78

It actually is Daily Sketch 80 but since I don't have a scanner right now to show you the previous ones, submitting this one seems just right :)

I've made this one as something that can be used in a banner of my Etsy store but after all it's not suitable. I'll make something else later.



Double - Illustration Friday; Daily Sketch - 77

Good that there are only two heads - with more there would be more trouble ;)



Daily Sketch - 76

Last sketch from the place where no scanners want to co-operate.
There's not much to describe here. Everyone can see that's a cute little bunny ;)



Daily Sketch - 75

This picture is dedicated to Lisa Falzon as she is the one who showed me this video which has made me instantly in love with tribal belly dancing. Thank you Lisa :3


Daily Sketch - 74

The idea for this one came to me when I was swimming in a reservoir last weekend and I have accidentally touched some plant growing in the water. It always terrifies me out and I feel like there is some creature living at the bottom of that water-container that is waiting to eat me up. Freaky >o<


Daily Sketch - 73

My Love asked me to draw MISIOSKOCZEK ('TeddyJumper' in silly-English). It's actually nothing particular, just some kind of a nickname, but he was wondering how I'd put it into a picture. So here it is :)


Breakfast - Illustration Friday; Daily Sketch - 72

It's my dog Tina. She's not very eager to walk or to go on a trip but if there is no option guess what she takes with her - a whole backpack of rocks :D Oh yeah, she loves rocks :)



Daily Sketch - 71

Some lovey-dovey picture once in a while haven't hurt anyone ;)


Daily Sketch - 70

I'm finally home and I have an access to a scanner so now you'll be able tosee all those sketches I've made throughout the week. Unfortunately my scanner eats a bit of blues every times so you have to imagine that the sky is more blue than it appears ;)



Daily Sketch - 69

Made while waiting. It says: "I'm a bit bored..."


Daily Sketch - 68

More bunnies. Wonder when I'll get fed up with them ;)



Daily Sketch - 67

I have just found out that I left one of my Daily Sketches in the hotel. And that's a shame because it was a finished watercolour piece == Shit...


Animation Course 2

Before starting to know software used for editing animations and movies we made 2 more storyboards. They were harder to invent, especially the second one, but you won't learn anything if everything comes easily, will you? :)

1 - We were supposed to use light and quantity contrast. This is a story about a busy bee.

2, part I - Something new - the camera was to stand immobile and the character should be moving inside of the scene.
2, part II - Opposite - now the camera is the one that moves like a crazy; the arrows show where the scene is made without any cute (it's too long to write how exactly the camera should move so you'll just have to imagine this ;P). The story is about a Beaver Builder who makes a stupid thing and then has to make it right. I know the finale is too short but it's not the main point of the story so I didn't want to concentrate on it).

I could make more storyboards like that, it's fun :)


Daily Sketch - 66

Another sketchy illustration to a story about a bunny.


Animation Course and Daily Sketches

Long time no Daily Sketch shown, you probably think. But I have to say I have them all, even more, I made two or free sketches every day. However, I don't have a scanner and haven't figured out if there is a scanner somewhere here, where the course takes place. That's why you need to wait till weekend when I'll come back home.

A lot of my sketches show a character from a story I've started writing - a bunny (wow, that was unexpected ;P). It's fun to draw him, especially when you know what is he thinking and what is his story. It's hard to write :/ I don't know so many things. Maybe you came across some tutorial or guide or a pack of tips for beginner writers? That would be very helpful :3

About the Animation Course: Yesterday we started finding out what Adobe After Effects is and how to work with it and till now it's fantastic :) It's fun. Hope I'll learn a lot!

OK, back to work :)



Daily Sketch - 65

Sketchy illustration to a story I'm writing (or rather - to a story that sits in my mind and doesn't want to get out ;)).



Diary - Illustration Friday

I have so much to do... that's why I just had to make the IF picture for this week :D It only took my an hour so it's not a great waste of precious time but, after all, all time spent on creating is surely not entirely wasted.

And now let's get down to what I should be doing (a tutorial for a .PSD Photoshop magazine).



Animation Course 1

First day of the Animation Course has passed and I'm really happy with the way it looks. I think I'll learn a great deal here and, even if not a great deal, I'll get into the next level :D

Yesterday we had a class about Animation/Movie Editing. We learnt about different ways of showing scenes and how those different point of views should be edited so the viewer won't get distracted, anxious or whatsoever. We made few exercises on paper - each of those small storyboards had a different goal and showed various ideas that we should keep in mind while editing (or making a storyboard).

1. First one had no specific goals - it was just a warm-up. We just had to keep in mind that one scene should be at least 2 times closer or farther than the previous one. It's a story about a cat who wishes to fly like birds.
2. Here we had to show the main character from different points of view, not only en face or from profile. It's a story about my lazy dog Tina.

3. We had to show scenes as seen from above or from below. It was quite hard when a story is about a hamster... with birds it would be much easier.

4. Here the goal was similar to those above but we had to add some perspective to it (like seen by a frog or by a bird or other). I could exaggerate some of the perspectives I've used but well... it looks good now too ;) It's a story based on my sister's behaviour. But she doesn't NOT mind when TV is not working ==

5. Last goal for that class - dialogue. We learnt how to show dialogue properly so the viewer won't get lost or bored. So this story doesn't have any amazing plot, it just shows a dialogue :)

That's all! I have few photos to show you too, but I left my camera in a hotel with my friend so you'll have to wait for them. But I hope you liked my short stories!



Giant - Illustration Friday

Now, those are simple vectors I was talking about :D Finally I've made it right!


Adelaida's summer

News about Adelaida: :D

* I have recently came back from a Heineken Music Festival and it was great :) I went there with my Love and we had an amazing time, except the fact that he sunburnt his back and was unable to do anything on the last day of the Festival. We have visited all local attractions including popular tourist's-oriented streets, beaches, aqua park and even a cinema (on the last day, when Love was unable to sit in the sun). The music was great. I love concerts and listening to music played live. It all gave me a warm feeling inside - happiness vibrations, I think ;) All in all, I will surely go there next year! But I'll try to convince some of my friends to go too! It'll be even more fun then *nods*

* Summer holidays started and I should by resting and doing nothing (and reading books!) all day long but... I am going on a computer animation course! XD I just can't wait till I learn some new things! Oh how I love to learn! :3 I'll take my camera with me and I'll be taking some photos to show you how it all looks.

* Because the course takes place in our capital city and it's Monday-Friday 9 to 5 (for 45 days) and Warsaw is 100km from my town I'll be staying in a hotel throughout the whole course. And that means some free time every evening - what for me is an excellent opportunity to bring back Daily Sketches :D (and read books!)

* I will try to open and get my Etsy shop running before my birthday in August, so then I'll make some kind of lottery, contest or just a giveaway for you. I have already prepared few things for the shop but it still needs some time to look perfect.

Since we lost our camera on the Music Festival I have only cellphone photos to show you. But better those than none, don't you think? ;)

Baltic Sea is cold. Damn it's cold... But it was nice when compared with the too-hot weather ;)

Special place on the Festival where you could buy extra cold beer and stay in a room with air conditioners. For me it was too cold there but Love liked the place.

One of the best concerts on this Festival - The Hives. They were really energetic and funny, with all those stories, jumps and silly uniforms. Kasabian played great too but there was much more enthusiasm in The Hives performance.



New Tomate de Arbol. With me inside of course!

I loved the theme. fairy tales, legends and folk tales are what move everyone's imagination. That's why it's such a colourful issue, really worth seeing.


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