First professional photoshoot..

..of my cat! :) Yesterday, my friend Aria was tricked to come and visit me with her brand new camera and then she had no other choice than to take photos of my cat. I liked all of them but she decided that only 5 are good enough to show.

You can see the rest of the photos on her blog - here.

Hopefully, I will steal the rest of those photos from her and show too ;)


From my sketchbook #4

This is what happens when I watch a movie for a second time and I'm not really into watching it and there is a paper and a pen somewhere near :)

There are mostly MEs and MY LOVEs there. But you can also find My Love's cat and my dog :)



Scattered - Illustration Friday

 In the shop they said that this Carrot Carrot-Collector would be the best because carrots were not afraid of it and would be easily pulled out. Well, they were... Pulled out in all possible directions!

Be careful when buying technical gadgets ;)



Hibernate - Illustration Friday

 I feel like hibernating for all Fall and winter... It's becoming more and more impossible to get up early and when I see that it's still dark outside then I loose all my faith in this season of the year ;)

The picture is available in my Etsy shop - Secret Drawer.



Contraption - Illustration Friday

 Is a swing enough to be called a contraption? :)

This is a custom illustration I did recently. It was made for Moomins' fan. I'm also a fan of those stories so it was a pleasure to paint it :)



Pizza part 3

After another weekend at work in a cafe I was back to painting the walls. I had 3 days and a morning of the 4th to start and finish the last wall and add some small details to the previous ones. So it was a lot to do considering that previous walls took me 7 days to (almost) finish :P But! I took my Love with me again and when I was making the details he was, again, painting base colours and drawings straight lines and so on and so on. What a helpful creature :3

Here are the pictures:

 First sketch. The whole painting was supposed to be based on this picture. But there was no way of making it the same (and absolutely no fun!) so I've changed it. A lot ;)

 This wall colour suited the furniture so well.. But in the end both of them looked different than here.

 This time I took my music in a more convenient way than a huge laptop. And I could just concentrate on painting. I cannot imagine creating anything without any music in the background.

 My Love helping, drawing straight lines. What would I do without him? :)

 Five days left till the opening, 2 days left for me to paint. And I'm sitting and posing ;P

 Finally, got back to work. Comparing with previous weeks, when working with such a close deadline, I felt an urge to eat all the time. Chocolate mostly, Kinder Country, to be specific :3

 And sandwiches with cheese :) Made in a pizza oven. Pizza would be even better but there was no one to make it back then.

 A shelf with toys - everyone could suggest what toy should find its place there.

 This wall was more like a real painting for me, with more possibilities and giving me a lot of fun. When I painted the forest on the previous one I just used green. This green, that green, a bit of blue, a bit of brown, no invention - it was just a forest and it needed to look like 'just a forest' for normal people. But here I could change my idea every minute and it still was ok.

 Although I sometimes missed Ctrl + Z buttons ;P I always do when switching from digital to traditional painting.

 Finished furniture is more reddish than it was on the 2nd photo. The free space on my painting is where the flat screen will be.

 Shameless self promotion :)

 Finally open! Everyone loves the place!

Especially my pretty paintings :)

Those were busy 10 days of creating. I got really off my daily routine then and lost track of everything else but painting, but I liked it. I could do it more often, no problem :) Anyone wants a wall painted?

And this is a cone pizza. Will eat it every time I'm there :)



Pizza part 2

 After a weekend at home (or at work actually) I came back to Pulawy to keep on creating my wall painting. You can see the previous bit of painting here.

 There were only 9 days left till the grand opening. And the 3rd wall wasn't even started (and won't be until next week!). I was changing pictures and making the count down every day :)

 I took more paints with me. Those layer and layers of the forest ate most of those huge green paints.

 I was working about 8 hours everyday. It doesn't sound harsh but with the possibility of not finishing on time hanging over my neck I felt very exhausted every evening.

 But still got power to dance :)

 This time my Love came with me to help. And helped a lot! He did the most nasty thing - he was putting the base colours on walls (giving me time to paint more creative things).

 Oh, and he was fixing my messy edges ;)

 But also got some free time for himself! Everyone needs a rest from time to time.

 But maybe he had too much free time if he got the possibility to cover paper tape with rabbits ;P 

 The bar was finished and it was time for the rest of the furniture to drive in. 

 And a bit of it you can see here. I liked the original colour of this wood, but it was not my task to decide about it. On this photo you can see the almost finished 1st and 2nd wall - I just needed to add few tiny details later.

 And this 'wooden' wall is ready to welcome some pictures hanging in fancy frames. Fancy WOODEN frames, of course :)

Hope you liked what you saw!


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