Satellite - Illustration Friday

HA! I've done it on time! At last :D

Do you know my very own satellite? :3 He usually looks like this. Sometimes he swirls even faster and makes me feel dizzy. And it's always awkward when I don't have him around.


Hiding place

How would the tallest tree on Earth look? Would it be rather slim or wide with a lot of branches? What if it will grow and grow until it'll bigger than a planet it's on?

However it would look, it would be a perfect tree to build a tree house on :)



Paisley - Illustration Friday

It was supposed to be a simple vector illustration, goddamnit! It seems that I'll have to spent much much more time finding my way in the vector world =o=

However, the kitty-bandita look nice, doesn't he? :3 I've spent so many hours doing it and it feels almost done. Why' almost'? Well, it misses something but I don't really know what this 'something' is. It probably need few days time of not-thinking-about-it and then it will surely occur to be something obvious, like a missing shadow or sth like that. I hope!



Ripple - Illustration Friday

I have finished all my commissioned pieces so I'm free to improve my skills and spend all my time doing only this. My vector works are a bit under-appreciated so I've decided to use IF's weekly themes as a motivation to create something vectorish every week. It's supposed to be rather simple - just to practice and start finding my own style in this medium.

And now let's think where is the ripple in this picture... Hmmm ;) Firstly, the mouse was sitting in a pool and there was only a small ripple on the water. But a position in which she (the mouse) was sitting looked awkward and I changed it into sitting next to a pool and getting suntan. But there still is a ripple there! In her drink! :D


Yesterday I hang my works on an exhibition and today at 6 pm will be the opening of it. I'll take some photos and show them here



Diploma exhibition

This Friday traditional printing group will show their diploma works on an exhibition. Mine will be there as well :) I'm not becoming a M.A. this June (I'll become one in September) but I'm still finishing my studies and starting a new life. Wow that sounds dramatic :D

Here you can see the works I'll show. I'll hang them tomorrow.

Have you seen all of them?



Bye-bye my pretty boy!

I have to make an Italian out of him. What a shame! He's got such a sweet face *hugs the monitor*



Subterranean - Illustration Friday

At last I got down to finishing this piece. And it's been a long long time (about 100 years...).

I still have a lot of work to do but most of it has to be done on computer and position of my desk and windows in my room just makes it impossible to work from 7 p.m. till sunset. Or almost sunset at least. So it gives me time to work traditionally, or walk with a dog, or sleep (that's what I usually choose), or do some sketches, etc. There's always something that can be done and what does not include using computer. So today this mole was my choice :) I did some sketches as well but you'll see them in a sketches-post later, when there will be more to show.

I miss reading books :( I have a shelf full of unread books smiling towards me every time I look at them but there is no way to start reading them. When I begin to read I end when I finish the whole book and there are no break in-between for work. So I must wait (not long though!) until I finish all those important things. What will be my first book then to read? Hmmm... Maybe Trudi Canavan 'The Black Magician Trilogy"? "Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse? Or Harry Potter once again? :D Can wait for the Decision Day!


Venetian masks

Almost finished the Venetian princess :) Unfortunaletyl those masks appear to be too colourful when compared with the rest of the picture :/ My publisher likes colours but it would be better to have colours everywhere or nowhere than just in one corner... Must fix it somehow!



Trail - Illustration Friday

It hasn't been made for IF but since I showed it today on DeviantArt and it fits the theme, I thought you'd like to see it too probably :)



My Blog cries that she feels abandoned

Wow, it's been over a month since I updated my Fabulous Blog! I really don't know how that could happen (and I feel terrible about it).

Life update:
- the princesses pictures still aren't finished - it appeared that I have to make 2 of them once again (they were already finished) because they didn't show Something. It's hard to name that Something, it's just something that makes them look just right. Well, at least a week of work ahead of me!
- I am in the middle of creating my own stationery. It's dedicated to children (and will appear in August/September, just when they get ready to school) and there are some cute and fluffy animals on every piece of it :) You can see some sketches below.
- I've decided to postpone me M.A. exam till September. I think it'll be better for my works - they will be rape then. Now they are only (almost) ready and I'm not happy enough with "ready" - they should be "excellent"
- I should start looking for a real job, the one that happens every day and give me the same and constant amount of money every single month. But what job could it be?
- I want to paint some watercolour pictures! God damn it!! I'm starting to feel wasted and bored with the computer graphic, how long can a person make only it? Even making pencil sketches seems appealing to me lately - everything but no more tablet and photoshop!

I have some more photos to show you - of a newly published tutorial of mine :) You'll see them soon.

I love cheese!

Stretching cat and cute elephant that stands ( cute animals don't have to do anything more than standing :P)

Sleeping panda and a turtle with it's house (all of those above are already finished and ready to be printed, etc.)

This pose was quite hard to draw... But I hope the final piece looks more 'interesting'.

A bear and bees :)

And a lovely meadow with a fat cow.

And now let's get back to work again =o=


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