Parade - Illustration Friday

My Love says my works for IF are always cadged. Firstly, he made fun of me because it was obvious for him that those works have nothing to do with the theme given; but now he understands my complicated way of inventing and creating works a little bit more and he is even consent to the possible similarities of works and themes.

But this time it will be hard... =:3

'PARADE' is this week's theme. And this is it - the parade of the Gossamer Lady. Oh, that's tough >o<



Hierarchy - Illustration Friday

It is the very first time I did the Illustration Friday picture that quick! Maybe it's because of the theme - a week ago I wanted to propose the 'hierarchy' topic but it was already suggested by someone else. And voilà - here it is! :)

The hierarchy in my picture is presented by the queue little Faceless Faeries have to make to have their go on making pigtails. There surely is a certain matter took into account when placing the Faeries in the queue :3



Theater - Illustration Friday

I like theatres very much, I enjoy the mood in there, the overall what-will-happen-next-? anxiety. It's a real place where we play with our imagination.

This is how I see it :)


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