Daily Sketch - 13

A requested by Mel fox who has just eaten a gingerbread man :)



Daily Sketch - 12

I've decided that some of my daily sketches can be ACEO cards :) They are small and not very detailed - just as my daily sketches are. So I've prepared few blank cards in the proper size and we'll see what will come out of it. As for now - I did my very first one! :D And I think it's a cutie *^__^*

I think I could take some requests from you on what to draw in my Daily Sketches - it's Mel's idea, a very good one. Those have to be simple ideas since a sketch is something fast and easy (and usually without a background). So If you have any ideas of what you'd like to see done by me, let me know and I will do them :3



Daily Sketch - 11

Time for a break. A book break, that is :3



Daily Sketch - 10

This little sketch is dedicated to my friend - he has a birthday tomorrow and he'll be 28 then (that's old!). I wish you a yummy birthday cake ^^



Daily Sketches - 9

I made some sketches to be (maybe) used as designs of traditional printings. We'll see :)

Oh, a faerie :3


Pioneer - Illustration Friday

Another one from the past IF's themes. Interesting fact - I was quite drunk when I was painting this :D and it looks really really nice! I should drink more while painting, I guess.



Daily Sketch - 8

This is your dinner. And that's a REALLY BIG rat :P



Renewal - Illustration Friday

Another one from the past Illustration Friday's themes.

That's how fashion trends are made ;D


Daily Sketch - 7

Fancy leg warmer :3


Undone - Illustration Friday

There are so many Illustration Friday's themes I haven't done that I've decided to do them now. There's no need to do them all (there would be too many of them!) but even few is better than none *nods*

Grandma rabbit making a scarf :3



Daily Sketch - 6

Sunshine's Cat =^o^=



Daily Sketch - 5

Mice like cheese, don't they? :)


Clumsy - Illustration Friday

There's no one better for the "clumsy" theme than elephant Sylwia. Too long trunk causes troubles... Always!

I did a sketch! :D


Daily Sketch - 4

Say hello to Sylwia :)



Daily Sketch - 3

Did you know that there are Faeries' portraits?

And realistic painters, too :D


Daily Sketch - 2

Second day of sketches - if it didn't end up after first day it may last quite long :)

Today I drew projects of next traditional printings for my master's thesis (practical part). It's all about Faceless Faeries and me; and here it's this faceless faeries' part.

And a faceless faerie cat *meow*



Daily Sketch - 1

As I said - Daily Sketches program begins today! The program will last as long as possible because it's a good thing to draw or paint everyday, even if it's only a little sketch. The aim of this program is to discover new ways of creating (that's a big AIM), to keep the stream of the ideas always fast and efficient, to learn how to show simple drawings/paintings in an interesting way and to work on things I always postpone.

Let's start with yesterday's sketch. I made it while having a break in studying to an exam. It's a quicky pin up girl. But I think she's too sexy and not enough SWEET...

And here's today sketch. I did it while waiting on my turn to be examined :D Girl with triangle fringe - I always fought they look good. But not good on me, unfortunately :(

Oh! I've got the top grade from the exam :3



Latest sketches

Lately I have decided that I need to draw/paint more ladies. Pretty ladies. And those rather realistic ladies too. (there can be a problem with the last one...)

I've started my new resolution with making a pin-up-ish drawing based on an image I've found through google. It's this lady on the right. While making it I felt a bit bored so the next lady (on the left) is purely from my imagination. And it looks shitty :( Must find some other interesting ways to draw pretty ladies.

I have already done 2 tutorials for a .PSD Photoshop magazine and I think it's high time to do another one. I was wondering what an interesting issue or topic I should use to make it more creative. I have even made a list of things I can use as my themes in tutorials:
- pictures stylized on sth (pre-Raphaelite, middle age Icons)
- nude person (it's my sister's idea)
- everyday's magic
- pin up girl
- pretty lady with a big tattoo
- pastiche of an oil painting I love (but there are so many of them to choose from!)

As a warm-up I've designed "Everyday's magic". It shows a girl reading and some little transparent fearies coming out of her book. She is watching one of them floating above her head. It was simple :)


Wilderness - Illustration Friday

Piękna i przerażająca. Zniewalająca i pozbawiająca tchu. W wiecznym ruchu a jednak od zawsze taka sama.




Confined - Illustration Friday

I've totally forgotten to show this illustration earlier!

When I saw this IF's theme for the first time I was wondering what I could draw. All my ideas were rather sad, don't know why. So I've decided to look at the topic from a very different point of view and guess what came out of it - me and my Love.

I've started sketching and it appeared that it's time for me to have face again :) sounds weird... I was faceless as my Faceless Faeries since I started showing myself as a girl, not as a bunny. It just suited then to have no face. But something has changed and now it would be somehow wrong.

So here I am with a brand new face :D


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