Full of colours and work

What I've been doing lately? A lot! :) But somehow I feel that many things are still untouched and should be already finished.

But here's what I have:


 Lately I have finished a new commissioned illustration. If you remember the previous one then here the characters are having a snack party :)

Ha. I tried to take a photo of my cat today to show you how big she is now but it appeared to be quite impossible ;P All of the photos ended up like this or with no cat in them at all.


Yesterday I finished varnishing my two latest bracelets that are available in my Etsy store Secret Drawer. Gosh, they are lovely. Can I keep them? :3

That's all for now, I think. I have many artistic plans for this month and I hope when February ends I will feel much better with my creative self than when January did.



  1. czudowne i fajne masz kredki :P a tego czegos na reke nie moge zobaczyc, bo moj net tak zajebiaszczo wlasnie chodzi ; /

  2. Piękne ilustracje,wibrują kolorami,tak jak lubię.


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