Faceless Faerie Cats' Book (Marathon - Day7)

I could have posted it yesterday but it would be too many works for you to see on one day. So many pleasures at once - I had to divide them a bit :D

When it was still May we, my friends from school, had to organize something interactive and interesting to do with the participants of the May Festival held in the Museum of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. As usual it was badly organized but, what surprised me, we had fun there :) We were making prints on T-shirts, monotypes with little children and there was a sculpting in clay point (and beer+bonfire ;P).

There was also an exhibition and I loved two works there: the first one with cats - it was a printout of an enormous size and looked so fantastic I could steal it and run away if it wasn't so far away from home ;P The second one was a group of paintings of one artist and what I liked the most in it was it's faeriness :3 I have never seen works like this on exhibitions of well-known artists. I always thought they, those well-known artists, underestimate illustrations and fairytale-styled works but maybe I was wrong. Time will tell :3

When we were getting ready to go home I made a little faceless (and wingless) faerie. Unexpectedly she survived the journey (after falling dawn several times, being sqashed and kicked and after loosing it's hand - I had to glue it later on) and has been drying next to Calliope till Monday. I've noticed her yesterday, decided to colour and do even more...

I'm lame in making lamps ;)


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