Legs over head

 I'm wondering how it would look if people were sleeping curled like that with legs just next to head :P Someone should totally draw it!

My blog felt lonely with so many posts without my cat :3




 Some time ago I have made custom bookmarks of a sheep, a cow and a cat - here's how they turned out.

Maybe you'd like to get a personalized bookmark too? :) If yes, here's where you should click - >>click<<



Christmas gift tags

Each year I make gift tags for Christmas for my family and sometimes even for my Love's family. So this time I've made them earlier and I am wondering if you think they are cute :)

For unknown reason I love how those ribbons look :3 When I was still in art school I went through a 'Ribbon Stage' when everything I drew or painted had ribbons everywhere. It feels that this stage may be coming back ;)

The sets are for sale in my Etsy shop:
- home pets
- wild animals


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