From my sketchbook #3

Sometimes there's no time to even take out my notebook during work and sometimes it's like the best day and moment for drawing (and all those customers are so not welcome :P). Here's what appeared in my notebook lately:

Sketch for the 'perennial' IF topic. Usually I don't make sketches because the idea is clear in my head. Well, I can make more of them but they would look exactly the same.

Started drawing girls again, it's such a pleasant subject. Girls with tattoos especially :)

 And sexy girls.

 And of course beautiful and romantic-looking girls. Dreamers. Oh yes, that's what I like the most *nods*

 Here's a sketch for the newest IF picture (look at the previous blog post). Again - I had the idea in my mind and no matter how many sketches I would do the concept would not change. So I've done only one sketch. Plus a mood scene of a parent and a child ;)

Oh, that's a very important thing because those are sketches of my earrings-to-be. For sell on Etsy of course :) cats cats cats *__*


Influence - Illustration Friday

When I was little my parents taught me to read and they had the patience to listen how I progress. When I could read fairly well and found pleasure in it they've decided to buy me a book every month. And they did :)

Now I can't imagine a day without even a little bit of reading and my shelves are full of books with almost no place for next ones (which will surely appear sooner or later). My parents have taught me to love it :)



Kitty of the day

My Love took this picture today. He saw a kitten in a backyard and decided that we should totally catch it ;) Then it appeared there were 3 kittens, all belonging to a little girl you can see in the background of the photo. She's let me hold one and even wanted to sell it to me! :D


Perennial - Illustration Friday

If you were ever wondering why it takes so much time for flowers to grow...They must be doing something very entertaining down there!



Big bed and tough sleep

Some time ago I've been asked to make a try out (sample) illustration to the Andersen's story 'The princess and the pea'. Good picture would give me an opportunity to illustrate the whole book so I wanted to do it the best I could. Obviously :)

Oh, illustrating Andersen's fairy tales would be like an early Christmas! *__*

 I've started with designing the princess. I wanted her to be slim and 'long'. It fits princesses in my opinion :)

 This one looked nice enough so I stayed with her as my princess. Then it was time for the whole illustration's composition.

The main idea was to show how big is the bed because of all the blankets and mattresses. But the princess needed to be clearly visible too (the publisher wrote so).

 And that's what I liked the most.

 It has been quite hard to draw the princess, though. With this long neck and big head she looked like a lollipop. Or as if her head was just to fall off. It was hard!

 But I've managed :)

As you might have noticed - sketches were prepared for a horizontal illustration for two pages but the final is vertical. That's what happens when you read without understanding! Thankfully I've noticed this point of description before colouring, so I just had to play a bit with the sketch in Photoshop. Uf!

Still, I didn't get the job :(
But publisher said that they liked my illo a lot and they will remember me. We'll see what comes out of it.



Obsession - Illustration Friday

I have this little obsession..
I'm in love with soft wooden pencils, the ones that smell of pure inspiration (hope anyone understands what I'm saying ;P). I have got masses and masses of them and I like to sharp them till they become kill weapons :) Super sharp! Every day!
Because of that obsession they tend to end up quickly but, well.... it can't be helped ;)



Imperfect - Illustration Friday

Perfect in its imperfection :)


Biala's kids

A cat (named Biala or Biola = White) of my friend has recently given birth to 3 adorable kittens :) Oh, how cute they are! XD

Sorry for the photos quality - a room they are kept in is actually quite dark. I didn't want to blind the little sugars with a camera's flash light so I've only used one of the possible modes of taking pictures. That's why they're so yellow. And awful ;)

For now they live in a box and have actually learned to walk. Previously they were crawling. What was cute too :D

Now they are so quick they blur :D 

 And now a little heart warmer :) If I had a possibility I would totally take her home!

Awww... *__*



Swell - Illustration Friday

Oh, gosh... I've missed a few!


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