A funnel connected to my brain - some mysterious discoveries at last!

Today I totally lost my vein. And I realized how much of an effort I should put in everything I create. It's not that every piece I draw or paint have to be politically connected or show some current world issues or events. As my teacher said, even if I want to draw a hedgehog I should make hundreds of drawing, just to be sure that this particular hedgehog will be a very MINE one. Sooooo in my style and sooooo easy to be recognizable that it's really mine. First ideas are usually correct and right ones but to be sure of that you should draw and re-draw them.

I was actually playing truant throughout all those previous 3 years. I thought I was trying to do something good but this wasn't even a beginning of true tryings. I'm so ashame of myself. Why do we have to meet smart people when so much of the worthless time has already passed? Or why do we start to listen to those wise ones when we're almost running out of time?

That's ridiculous and, unfortunately, so true. And it just shows our stupidity - because with this attitude we are closing a lot of doors which can possibly take us to better places. We should always remember that we are not giving enough of ourselves. You think you do? So why not trying giving even more?


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