DS II 50

I've been offered a job :) Or rather - a monthly commission. But first I have to make three outfits. Here are some first ideas.

The are supposed to be painted in a very (I mean VERY) delicate and detailed way. It's so not me. But, well, there's always a good time to learn something new :)

I have already done one outfit as the first try-out. It got me further in the competition :)

The model-lady on which the outfit was done is probably not to be seen by the third party, so you'll just have to imagine her ;)

And now let's get back to my outfits!


DS II 49

My new T-shirt design. Oh, I will definitely print it for myself :)

It's up for scoring on Threadless -> please go and give it a high five ^^
Garland - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More



Swamp - Illustration Friday + DS II 48

You can see some progress photos of making this picture on my Facebook page.

I have this feeling that I'm reaching my limits with hair pictures. Well, I've made at least 20 of them + countless sketches - I give myself a permission to feel I have used the theme to the full.

Wonder what will come now ;)



Shades - Illustration Friday + DS II 47

My Love asked me to make something with my Wacom Inkling I've got from him. And here it is :)




Yield - Illustration Friday + DS II 44

 She yielded to the temptation. Books can be so intriguing!

 ..and suddenly few moths have passed. *Oops!*

It is a birthday present I've made for my sister. This is she on the picture, being very elf-ish ;) Hope she'll like it!



From my sketchbook #6

 Let's see what appeared in my sketchbook lately.

 Here's a really fab idea for an illustration. Can you see it? There's a lady in a big dress standing with her back to us but we can see a bit of her face.

 Oh, roses roses... How great you can look!

And here's my feather tattoo. I just need to trace it somehow on me to decide on the size and I can go to get it :)


DS II 43

More hair? No problem! XD

Lately I've done a few contest Tee designs. It was fun, I must say - designing a T-shirt you'd love to wear. I've stayed in the mood and here's what came out of it. There is still a men's Tee to make (you can see it on the sketch - he's got short hair so there's only music swirling around).



DS II 42

I think this is how I understand 'girl badass' ;)

The idea is so nice I'm sure I'll use it again.


DS II 41

Sometimes it was hard to draw at work but, as you can see, not impossible ;)



DS II 38 + 39 + 40

The last 3 look best when put together. They should be framed like this.


DS II 37

Some people look nice with white hair.


DS II 36

And this one reminds me of Utena the movie. Oh, how I love those characters and settings (I have this feeling I'll watch it again soon  *___*  very soon).


DS II 35

That's a very simple idea. But I wanted to see how it may come out.


DS II 34

Having hair long like this must be a pain in the butt. But they surely look amazing.


Intention - Illustration Friday + DS II 32 and 33

Dual nature.


DS II 31

This picture is a bit softer from the previous one. It was a good decision to make it so.


DS II 30

This one, on the other hand, was inspired by Lana Del Rey. The garland she is wearing in the original picture is fabulous.


DS II 29

OK, so here's the next part of the collection. This time it's hair + roses. It's soooo tattoo inspired ;)

And if you were wondering - all those pictures are about 8,5 cm x 5,5 cm (3.3" x 2.2").


DS II 28

The last of the naked faeries. But there are still 12 'hairy' pieces in the collection ;)


DS II 27

This one is my favourite :)

Those hair are what I'm talking about!


DS II 26


DS II 25

Next one!

This one just cut her hair, so there's not much to see ;)


DS II 24

I've been in the mood for naked faeries ;) And just right there my thing for long tangled hair started and is still staying with me one month later.

Get ready for a quite big 'hairy' collection.


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