Evil Force!

Oh Noes! Something evil and alien has invaded my desk!

And it has no face!

And it is flat!

And it doesn't allow me to take my pencils!

How can I possibly work with an evil thing like this on my cosy desk?! >o<



I can't show you the whole pictures until the book gets published but I'm quite sure I can show you the sweet bits :D



Music - Illustration Friday

Wonder why he was my first thought when I read IF's topic MUSIC. He has something in his behaviour and attitude to life that makes him look like an artist; someone above it all. And he is everyone's favourite character because of that! However, if I were to meet a person like this in my real life, I would be sooo pissed sometimes ;P

But I won't probably meet the real Snufkin. Drawing will have to be enough.

If you are not aware of that, Snufkin is a character from the Moomin series written by Tove Jansson. I've read all those books several times! They are incredible *nods with enthusiasm*



Unbalanced - Illustration Friday

This time it's connected with a different book. Wonder which one? It has a boy dressed in leaves. And there's faeries' flying powder everywhere! :D



Blur - Illustration Friday

Another Illustration Friday's work I almost did on time :)

Wonder who this may be? A little girl and a little dog and a big tornado and pretty little shoes with a useful ability... Hmmm... :D


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