26 things on my 26th birthday - conclusion

I'm officially 26 for almost a week now, so let's see how I've managed to complete my list. I already have some ideas for the new one, like making the tasks more 'sit down and do it' so I can do at least some of them without so much preparation.

Here it goes:

1. Get driving licence. At last. DONE!
2. Write and illustrate my own book. I've got lots of sketches but none of the stories and pictures I've made can be named a Book.
3. Make my web site. Changed my blog's layout to make it look more pro. That should count for something ;)
4. Create a T-shirt design (and get that Tee to wear!). Partly done; there will be no problem with it next year since I work at a silkscreen print production.
5. Learn to sew. No progress whatsoever.
6. Sew something for me to wear. Not even a handkerchief.
7. Sew something for the house to have. Not even a pillowcase.
8. Make an inspiration board (because it's not so inspiring right now..). DONE!
9. Learn Italian (go through the whole beginning course I've got). Nope.
10. Learn Finnish (same thing) Nope.
11. Get a new pretty tattoo :) Got a feather tattoo on my right side.
12. Keep my weight. Got it.
13. Get more girly. Longer hair will have to do it.
14. Make Daily Sketch vol. 2 for at least a month. DONE!
15. Read all books by Trudi Canavan. DONE!
16. And 'Witcher' books. Almost done.
17. And all 'Moomins' books :3 Almost done.
18. And finish reading all those books I've started and stopped reading for some unknown reason. Not done. But I at least haven't started reading new ones!
19. Find a representative in UK and/or US. Not done.
20. Win a contest. Tried!
21. Buy something valuable for my Love. DONE! :)  
22. Get more into zen. Partly done. But it's worth doing better than that.
23. Practice yoga. A bit done.
24. Take my Etsy shop to a next level. Partly done.
25. Visit two places I have never been to before. DONE! Been to Prague and explored my city's closer surroundings.
26. Get out to my own place. I guess I'm waiting for my Love to move on with him.

To sum up:
Done - 9/26
Partly done - 9/26
Undone - 8/26

So it's only 30,77% of a total failure ;)

I'll post a new list soon. Maybe one of the points will be to lower the failure percentage to 25% ;)



  1. Happy birthday!
    I find this blog today and your arts make me happy.
    Cute Cute Cute!
    Cat love!

    1. I'm glad you've found me :) And I hope you will stay here for a long time!


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