Highlights - Illustration Friday + contest picture

 Highlights of this year? I don't really know - so much have happened. But you can say that this little green droid became very important so here's a picture with it :)

It's been a while since I've shown the whole process. You can see how I've made this illustration - I've used Wacom Inkling for sketches and Photoshop for colouring.

Here's a sketch of another illustration I've started - you can see it on my facebook.

 Do you know this guy? :)

 Done! :D

You may not know - since it's a traditional thing only in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic - they are sharing Christmas wafers and wishing the best for one another :)

I've made a Christmas card out of this illustration and, hopefully, I'll win a cute white tablet. The contest is on this page - tabletowo.pl

Going on a New Year's Eve party now - see you again in the 2012.

Happy New Year!



Messenger - Illustration Friday

This year is quite weird. We had no real summer in Poland - whole summer holiday period looked like autumn. It rained almost all the time and the sun hid itself somewhere. Then came autumn (the real one) so the weather stayed the same. Now it should be middle of winter and it hasn't snowed here ONCE. It's only a bit cold. I'm getting bored of autumn ;P

However, all those autumn colours are too fabulous to not use them.

 So here's my messenger of autumn who came too early and stayed too long :)

You can buy this picture in my Etsy shop.




There are 4 girls, except me, working in our coffee shop. We spend quite a lot of time together while working almost every single day, so it was quite obvious that I should give them something pretty this Christmas. And here's what it was :) (I can show you already because they haven't waited and unwrapped their presents as soon as they got home yesterday...)





And here are some photos from our Christmas Eve meeting yesterday :) It was fun!

 My muffins, they were great :)

 Pierogi.... Do you have pierogi out there in your country to eat? If not, you must be really unhappy ;)

Those drinks were delicious *__*

All the pictures were in white frames like this - I have totally forgotten to take photos of them all together so this is the only thing I have now. Picture taken by the new owner, Justyna :)

Merry Christmas to you!



Bracelets for you and me

Here are two bracelets I have made recently as commissions. I think they look fabulous :)

Both were bought through this listing in my Etsy shop - custom made bracelets.

 Here are some photos of the process :)


26 things on 26th birthday

The idea has been copied from Hanna :)

Although 4 months have passed since my 25th birthday, I think I will still manage to make those 26 things. Or at least try to. It's a good thing to always have a goal. And I think it's so much easier if the goal (the big one) or goals (all those little ones) are written down and hanging in front of you every day. So you won't forget and try, try, try, always try to reach them :)

Here's my 26:

1. Get driving licence. At last.
2. Write and illustrate my own book.
3. Make my web site.
4. Create a T-shirt design (and get that Tee to wear!).
5. Learn to sew.
6. Sew something for me to wear.
7. Sew something for the house to have.
8. Make an inspiration board (because it's not so inspiring right now..).
9. Learn Italian (go through the whole beginning course I've got).
10. Learn Finnish (same thing)
11. Get a new pretty tattoo :)
12. Keep my weight.
13. Get more girly.
14. Make Daily Sketch vol. 2 for at least a month.
15. Read all books by Trudi Canavan.
16. And 'Witcher' books.
17. And all 'Moomins' books :3
18. And finish reading all those books I've started and stopped reading for some unknown reason.
19. Find a representative in UK and/or US.
20. Win a contest.
21. Buy something valuable for my Love.
22. Get more into zen.
23. Practice yoga.
24. Take my Etsy shop to a next level.
25. Visit two places I have never been to before.
26. Get out to my own place.

Will check how I'm doing in four months time, in April, when I'll be in the middle of my 26-things-on-26th-birthday journey :)



Stars in Wayne's Coffee

 Time to get ready for Christmas :)

 Her name is not Ola, if you were wondering ;] it's mine.

There'll be more stars to cut, glue and hang! :)




I don't know if there's a holiday like this somewhere else, so you may not know that the day of 30th of October is the day of fortune-telling in Poland.

There are many many different ways of telling what will be one's future - some are used all over the world (like pouring liquid wax through a key hole and finding meaning of the given shape by seeing its shadow) and some are, maybe, used only in Poland. I haven't looked closely to it so I cannot tell you :)

Back to the point. Because of this holiday we had a special guest in our coffee shop. He stayed with us for few hours and used his tarot cards to answer people's questions.

I've decided to give it a try before any other customer got interested. I do believe in fortune-telling as I cast runes from time to time and they have never guided me wrong.

I've asked if my illustrations will conquer the world.

First, I had to draw a card that describes me and where I actually am.

 I'm the fool ;P And I'm beginning my journey. It's a beginning of a beginning so not even a single step had been taken.

Then came three cards describing (probably) past, present and future. Although the tarotist said something like "Let's see what your fate thinks about it..". I don't know much about different tarot layouts so I'm not sure. Maybe you know?

I'm not sure if I remembered the last 2 cards right. I'm sure that the 2nd one got wands and that there were 5 or 6 of them and only the one with 5 fits what was described. About the 3rd - picture on a card was presenting a man like Odysseus - on a boat with his eyes covered, tied to some ship's part, with few mermaids in water in the background. I have not read what was the card's name so it was really hard to find it. And I have totally not seen any swords there. Or cups or anything else of this sort. But the person with covered eyes looks just like it. Hope I got it right :)

And this is the answer:
I have to go out to the world with what I make. What is happening now is just the beginning, and it's even hard to tell where this journey will lead me.

After all this fortune-telling I was asked to draw another card to check if I understood what I've been told, and this is it:

I'm still alone in my journey but there's a bit of light ^^

Hope everything will go well. I really do.



Legs over head

 I'm wondering how it would look if people were sleeping curled like that with legs just next to head :P Someone should totally draw it!

My blog felt lonely with so many posts without my cat :3




 Some time ago I have made custom bookmarks of a sheep, a cow and a cat - here's how they turned out.

Maybe you'd like to get a personalized bookmark too? :) If yes, here's where you should click - >>click<<


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