Paisley - Illustration Friday

It was supposed to be a simple vector illustration, goddamnit! It seems that I'll have to spent much much more time finding my way in the vector world =o=

However, the kitty-bandita look nice, doesn't he? :3 I've spent so many hours doing it and it feels almost done. Why' almost'? Well, it misses something but I don't really know what this 'something' is. It probably need few days time of not-thinking-about-it and then it will surely occur to be something obvious, like a missing shadow or sth like that. I hope!



  1. zrob kiedys dla mnie taki "krok po kroku" bo tych cieni jeszcze nie umiem, i wychodza "plaskie" :( Z a J e b i s t y ! :D Grraauu

  2. I love what you've done with the background with the gradient, clouds, and sunbeams. They really work well together.


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