Faded - Illustration Friday

Fading in the sun :) Accompanied by my cats, Moomin trolls, coffee and dumplings <3

It's also my post for the Sweet Sketch Blog's 3rd prompt.

Ahh, laziness....



From my sketchbook #8

A bit of new designs. Wonder which of them will end up on a children's clothes <3


Sight - Illustration Friday

I have renewed my ability to draw dachshunds, so here's the first one :) Flying at you with a high speed!


And some sketches:




From my sketchbook #7

Here are sketches I did for my new job :) I cannot show you the finished projects or designs so this will have to do. Use your imagination!

 I could totally get those swallow as tattoos *__*

For now, I love my new job <3 But it's still a bit hard to wake up so early to get there. And there's always a crisis between 11 am and 1 pm when I almost fall asleep while working =o= I think I just need some more time to get used to this new routine.

I really hope that it's the case!


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