Inner demons coming out

My Jelousy buying bus tickets. Pencil in a notebook.

Were you ever lost that much that you felt sick all the time? I feel like this right now :(

I feel like the best option for me now is to run away leaving everyone and everything behind. Just spending some few lonely moments on my very own in a place where no one knows me and no one bothers me any more. A place where all those problems and stuff riding through my mind have no entry.

A place like home it seems...

Sometimes I don't even wanna bother my friends with those issues of mine. I don't want them start thinking that I'm the ONE BIG ISSUE myself. Of course I know it's a wrong way of thinking; I've been told that so many times. But I just can't help myself.

*slaps herself in the face*

Boy, I'm silly! :D

So many loving and lovely people around me and I still find something to bother me. As my wise mum said: 'Gran worries for the whole family. There are no worries left for us'. I should stick to this thought! ;)



  1. sometimes i get that kind of feeling too...i understand completely..! anyway nice drawing, very imaginative!

  2. ale jestes Pierogiem! :P znalazłaś czas zeby napisac nowa notke na blogu, mimo ze musiałaś sie rano zbierać do Puław ;-) ale Ty to jestes Swinka! ;*


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