Daily Sketch - 38

A fish in a fish-tank - another requested sketch and again it's pink ;)



Muddy - Illustration Friday

I hoped to do it on time but, somehow, I'm 2 weeks too late :D well... it happens!

The theme is (was) 'muddy' and the first thing I've thought about has been a cow in a mud. Quite obvious (thank god, it's not a pig! :D) but then I've decided that the title of this piece will be "Muddy Milk". And now it's not that obvious ;] Because you don't know which milk can get muddy.

Well... how do you think? :)

And I've made a sketch to check the colours! Amazing! *^__^* It happens so rarely I'm quite thrilled!

I have to add that this work has been the first one to be made on an Arches paper I've bought recently. The paper is amazing. Full stop. However its price makes me sad because I'd happily throw out all other papers I have and work only on this one :3 But I'll have to wait till I get rich and famous, I guess...


Daily Sketch - 37

A requested sketch - a hedgehog meeting an insect :)

Oh, how I hate this paper, you can't even imagine ==


Daily Sketch - 36

I've seen the 'Percy Jackson and so on.." movie :) I must admit it was quite nice, though some of the special effects looked cheap. But many thing were happening so the book must be amazing! Must read the book! >o<


Daily Sketch - 35

So many vampires are everywhere lately so I had to do my own :) Her name is Malina.

While sketching this an idea appeared to me - what about a calendar with 12 (13 - if cover counts) mythical creatures from all over the world, from many different mythologies and folk beliefs. I don't know if vampire from Slavic mythology will be there but it sure'll be a fascinating thing to do :3 ... must think it over!



Daily Sketch - 34

Sad Cheshire cat ;)



Daily Sketch - 33

The Browns family :3



Propagate - Illustration Friday; Daily Sketch - 32

Healthy lifestyle - walks and vegetables :3


Adrift - Illustration Friday & Daily Sketch - 31

A little bit more of cuteness :3


Daily Sketch - 30

Another snowboard picture of a snowboard week - this time it's my Love. It was harder to paint him than me because he's less colourful and it's better when cute pic are full of colours *nods* But at least he wanted to have a bear screaming at him in the 3rd plan in the background.

But, after all, he said he's not that cute and he wants another picture =o=


Daily Sketch - 29

Nothing with a plan this time - a fairy pig :D


Daily Sketch - 28

There's no snowboard vacation without snowboard pictures!

I was learning how to jump and not fall (jumping was quite easy, falling too - unfortunately) and I must admit that it was fun ^^

New hat looks much much better, don't you think? :3


Daily Sketch - 27

Daily sketch inspired by a cat :) He has no name but everyone knows who is The Cat.



Daily Sketch - 26

A requested sketch but I mixed it a bit - a dragon with a baby dragon having a flight over a forest.


Daily Sketch - 25

A requested sketch - fairy frog-rider(s) :)



Daily Sketch - 24

A requested sketch - a colourful panda playing some instrument. It looks like a candy :3



Daily Sketch - 23

A requested daily sketch - a fae among flowers with a mischievous grin :) Hope I made it right ^^



Daily Sketch - 22

Requested Daily Sketch - a little girl with a songbird (by American-poet).

If you have a proposition of what I could daily-sketch, let me know ^^



Daily Sketch - 21

Today I bought myself a new ink to make brown outlines instead of black ones (I really don't know why I haven't done it earlier!). This old cat is a little test of it.
Verdict: awesomeness! XD



Skinny - Illustration Friday

The more you catch, the more you eat.

I'm so unhappy with this picture :( I've tried a different type of paper and it appeared to be so shitty I've just felt like crying. I've thought even of abandoning this work and starting it all over again on a decent paper but.. well... I've been wondering how much more work you have to apply to make an image on shitty paper look good. The answer: shitty paper makes your works shitty, it's contagious!

To erase my bad memories and wash away the trauma I've bought myself a very expensive paper (at least it's expensive in Poland, god damn it!) :D I've bought Arches Aquarelle cold pressed, grain fin block and I'm in love it it! What's more interesting - I haven't tried it yet :D But I LOOOVE the texture of it, I could touch it all day long and never get bored.
I have 2 planned illustrations which I'll make on this paper but, because of its expensiveness, I'm a bit afraid I will spoil those beautiful sheets of paper.. A bit of silliness never killed anybody :3 Still, I have to buy a turquoise watercolour before - so this will have to wait till Monday at least!


New Year's Resolutions

Last year I said that resolutions are stupid and it's better to DO things rather just talk about doing them. But this year a lot of things will happen and my life will change dramatically - I finish my university and I have no idea, at the moment, what will happen then. So this time it's better to have plans to which I can stick if times get worse.

1. Finish school on time with a satisfying grade (only best grades satisfy me ;P)
2. Get my watercolour pieces to a higher level (composition, colours and lines are the main point to focus on).
3. Work on details more.
4. Spend more time on each work; think what exactly I want to achieve.
5. Start writing children's stories.
6. And show the 3rd one somewhere for people to read.
7. Never miss a chance of showing my works.
8. Become professional.
9. Learn something new and innovative (about what I don't know right now and what will suddenly appear).
10. Get driving licence.
11. Find a proper job (so I can illustrate without any financial-connected stress).
12. Visit some place I have never been before.

Let's go and make those resolutions come true!


Daily Sketch - 20

Orange wings :3



Daily Sketch - 19

Hippo was the first thing that came into my mind :)


Daily Sketch - 18

Preparing for my mermaid watercolour piece :)



Daily Sketch - 17

I think I'm in a mood for turtles :3


Focused - Illustration Friday

My dog, Tina. She's a bit grey on her face and paws already :)


Daily Sketch - 16

Yesterday I watched "Faun's Labyrinth" and I've totally forgotten to upload anything I did that day :D My mistake!

And the movie is amazing *__* I will surely watch it few times more!

Little coloured traditional printing of mine :) It's just started so there's not "black" and "dark" enough but I wanted to see it in colour - and it came out sweet :3




Daily Sketch - 14

Something made in photoshop at last! :) Maybe I'll turn this one into a finished piece one day...

Oh! And I know that the perspective with the text is messed up ;)


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