Daily Sketch III - Day #51-60

No "From my sketchbook" this weekend, sorry guys! The weather was too gloomy to take good photos of my sketchbook :/ But surely someday during this week there will be a pretty sun up on the sky and I will be able to take those photos! Absolutely for sure!

But you still have some pictures to see. Here are next 10 sketches from the Daily Sketch challenge. Some of them weren't shown on Instagram / Twitter / Tumblr - you are the first ones to take a glimpse. Enjoy!

 I've promised you last time that I will give up with sooooo many portraits of the cats so I've decided to give it a try and make some environments. Well, the cat needs to live somewhere, doesn't he?

 That's his bed :)

Promise broken! Damn, this cat just can't stop himself from showing up!

 I've used a blue pencil for this one but I've used it too delicately and my scanner wanted to eat it all up. It was quite a battle to get it back on the picture...

This time I used the blue pencil more firmly (though it's more bluish in reality).

That's all. Right now I'm on my 64th sketch and I'm doing some of them digitally to practice those skills too. Actually, I've created a list of things I want to practice so I won't feel uninspired and won't just waste my time on meaningless doodling.

There's something new in the sketching universe too. Check out @Sketch_Dailies on Twitter - they give daily topics to sketch + retweet best pictures throughout the day. If you're lacking ideas or want to be "forced" to try drawing something out of your comfort zone then come and join the fun :)


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