Digital sketching #1

So I've called the last year super busy. Well... I had no idea what I was talking about :/

I had to drop my daily sketching because I felt too overwhelmed with all those projects I had to do. Daily sketches + all social media went on hiatus but I guess I can slowly come back to them again :)

I have like a ton of illustrations to make so I have kept my sketchbook busy. It's full of new ideas and inspirational drawings - I will show them to you next time.

Right now I have decided to make quick digital sketches as my warm up. It's quite unusual for me because I'm a line girl: I always use lines, I think in lines, I create in lines. When I paint something digitally I always start with lines and then fill them up with colour. However, I wanted to try something new + learn something new too, so in those digital sketches I'm using only flat colours and concentrate mostly on finding the right values, hues and presenting light. Let me tell you - without sketching it first and without helping myself with some lines it's freaking hard.

Here's the first batch of sketches. You can laugh now ;)

Drawing my desk got easier so now I'm moving to outside views. Don't tell it anyone but... I have no idea where on the colour wheel is the colour of.. grass 0_0 No idea. Really.


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