Lan finished! (for today)

Today, to use our school wisdom in practice we went to a museum with our lecturer. There was an exhibition of portraits and self-portraits. Some of them were really neat! (And some were shitty, sorry!). I made photos of two which I liked the most. Those photos were taken with a cell phone so they aren't good quality pictures.

What I liked the most about this portrait is an outline. It looks so art nouveau-ish and I love that style :3

This portrait was incredible! It looked like a photo and was made of transparent layers of oil paints mixed with a lot of turpentine or linseed oil. Amazing! You have to be an oil master to be able to use this technique with such an outstanding result *nods*

Oh! And here is Bob (pronounced [bo:b], with as long 'o:' as you can make). Bob the cat :D

I've made him a waistcoat. But I still need to finish it (a pocket on the front and an embroidery on the back).

And here is another sneak peek of one of my princesses - Lan. I finished her today and I'm totally exhausted! What's more - my computer, Calliope, is dying trying to make so big pictures (they are more than 50cm wide). I need to upgrade her as soon as I get some money. There are 11 princesses left and there's no time to spend waiting till each picture loads and flips horizontally (and I flip horizontally all the time!).

I had some problems with her hair. They were to dark when compared with the rest of the picture - and they are not even black! I needed to add a lot of darker shadows everywhere so they won't come out too much. I still will have to add few...



Boredom sketches

Some of the sketches I did lately while waiting for this or that :)



Newest traditional printings

I haven't shown you yet my newest printings! They are cute! :D
I'll finish them soon - there's not much to do left and then I'll show you bigger and better versions of them. And then, maybe, I'll colour them with watercolours and sell on etsy... Who knows? :3

From the upper left corner: Me reading a book by Beatrix Potter to Faceless Faeries; Faceless Faeries relaxing in a bath; Faceless Faerie Cat having a flight over woods; family portrait of the Faceless Faeries; Faceless Faerie in the morning; Faceless Faeries preparing a vehicle :)

And here are some sneak peeks of what I did yesterday:

Arabic mosaic in oriental princess's room.

Curious birdie standing on Chinese princess's calligraphy table.

I won't make much during the weekend, only sketches for other princesses and I will show you same of the for sure!



A lot of colours and no Daily Sketches

I won't be able to do worthy Daily Sketches for a while. I still have to make a lot of sketches to work and to other work and to school but those are sketchy sketches; probably nothing interesting for you to see. I'll show them, though, but in bunches and without further counting.

It's been more then a week since I started working on illustrations to a children's book - about princesses from all around the world. There are 14 girls to illustrate - keeping in mind the deadline (2 months time) minus a week to not finish it in the last second (+ have time to change some details, if needed) it gives me 4 days for each princess.

Sounds dramatic. But it's quite a lot of time too. But you have to do it every day for 2 months... No free time from them... But they are fun to make and they are not so detailed and complicated - it's for children after all.

Now I'm making the 3rd of them. An Oriental princess, something like Jasmine :) and she has got a pet tiger! Rrrrr! :D

No stripes, imagine them ;)




Dramatic thing has just happened :( I was peeling off a masking fluid and it came off with paper!

It was an ATC for trading, I have started a new one already. But I'll change the colours probably - I don't like to make the same thing twice ;)



Daily Sketch - 64

Sketches of works I'm currently making. Well, I've started making them and now I don't have enough time to finish them ;/



Daily Sketch - 63

I will surely make her someday! She's a perfect model for sewing clothes and learning how to do those things :3


Daily Sketch - 62

More plush kitties designs! :)


Daily Sketch - 61

Not-so-Asian-but-still-Japanese Goddess :3


Daily Sketch - 60

More Paddington Bear sketches. I was making them while reading a chapter from a book - one chapter that was given to the contest of illustrating it. Shame I found out about this contest too late and there was no possibility to do anything worth winning :/ But next year I'll do my best! XD


Daily Sketch - 59

My version of the Paddington Bear. But after all he didn't look like a bear because he needed to have white whiskers. I don't know if bears have whiskers (they probably have - animals usually have) but with a lot of white ones he started to look like a beaver...


Daily Sketch - 58

Cat plushies and bookmarks :) You already may know Sebastian and his sister Malina


Daily Sketch - 57

Sketches to "Brave' picture. I've forgotten to show them earlier ^^"


Daily Sketch - 56

I was wondering what Amaterasu should hold and what possible kanji symbols could appear in the picture.


Daily Sketch - 55

More ninja sketches :)


Daily Sketch - 54

Final sketch of a watercolour piece I'll do :)




Daily Sketch - 53

Another colour concept sketch.


Daily Sketch - 52

Colour concept sketch for an illustration.



Daily Sketch - 51

It's the last bunny knight, I hope :)



Daily Sketch - 50

A sketch of a commissioned colouring page.



Daily Sketch - 49

A first colour sketch of my contest entry. I must get down to it soon because the deadline is approaching!

It's goddess Amaterasu sitting on a cherry tree and holding a mirror - her symbol. Simple idea :)


Daily Sketch - 48

Concept sketches of the ninja sheep.


Daily Sketch - 47

Concept sketches of the bunny knight.



Perspective - Illustration Friday

Again too late :) But still worth showing!



Daily Sketch - 46

Another idea for a contest - Bunny Knight with a brave heart :)


Daily Sketch - 45

Thinking about my entry for a contest. Super Ninja Sheep! :D


Daily Sketch - 44

That's quite weird idea but it's what first came into my mind ^^"



Daily Sketch - 43

New idea for a traditional printing (etching) :)


Daily Sketch - 42

A requested sketch - the goddess Selene.

This could be a nice work if finished...


Daily Sketch - 41

Little dolls :)


Daily Sketch - 40

A requested sketch - frog on a mushroom getting a kiss from a fae :)



Concept sketches

It appeared to me that I haven't shown you some of my sketches of works-to-be :) Thankfully I haven't lost them!

A cow :) This one is even finished!

My dog Tina (also finished!) and cow once again.

Some mermaid sketches, I was wondering how to draw a little mermaid doing sth with her hair.

And here she looks just as she should! I will probably paint her someday. The frog too ;)

More frogs and a bugs family :3

My dog Tina, hamster Fryderyk, cat, mole and a hedgehog I've never had

Here are some sketches I did for a baby-things-and-stuff company. This is Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

More of them :) I really like that concept with a tree and a picnic ^^

And here is some kind of a pixie.

A pixie who lives in a fungi :)

They wanted to see owls too - here they are! My favourite concept is the one with baby owl and a mouse :D It's sweet! ^o^

Oh, and here are sketches for my upcoming work for Illustration Friday ('perspective'). It's also based on Children's Illustrator Club's theme that ended yesterday and I didn't make it on time (again) - Birdhouse. It's a peek from the inside :)

Colour scheme for the picture. The whole pictures will be warm and cosy with some light-blue elements to keep it more interesting.

That's a lot of sketches :D


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