Pretend - Illustration Friday

It's commonly known that pretending is not such a great habit or feature. It makes your friends confused and after some time you are as confused and mixed as them - not knowing what is the real you and where the pretending starts.

However, when it comes to our hidden needs and wishes we hve, those unspoken ones - it's a good idea to start being someone else. Untill it won't hurt anyone, the other you can make some dreams come true.

This time a little wolf appeared in the calm and cosy bunnies' town. I should make up some name for this town probably... hmmm...

Peeking Carrots' Town :D Yes, this sounds right ;)

Some wolfs are living in the forest nearby Peeking Carrots' Town and, as you can see, not all of them are that bad.



  1. wszystko spoko tylko... czemu ten wilk ma skarpetki na głowie ;P

  2. I adore your work Adelaida, it's so beautiful, your sketches are most beautiful too!
    Best Wishes,

  3. I actually didn't realize that was a wolf until I saw the sketches. Maybe he should have pointy teeth or a longer nose.

    But I do think this is adorable and I really enjoyed seeing your process for character development.

  4. Ohh this is sooo lovely, you have a fabulous style! Love the little socks!


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