DS II 15 - Fox

Bookmarks I've promised to do for my friend Kamila.

One goes to her, the rest to my Etsy shop :3


DS II 14 - You

So I have a lot of cats to show you :) I've been making them everyday (as it is supposed for a Daily Sketch) but for some reason I have not been showing them here.

So get ready for a pack of cats :3

As usual all Daily Sketches are in my Etsy shop.



DS II 13 - Machinery

Robo-cats? Yeah, why not :)

And this is another bookmark that you can find in my Etsy shop :)


Twirl - Illustration Friday + DS II 12

I'm not sure if I'll do a bookmark from it too - I have accidentally used a too thin paper and now it's all too wavy. :/ Damn.

But still, you can find the rest of my bookmarks in my Etsy shop :)



DS II 11 - Pack

That's a big pack! And there are more to come :)

And here are my packs:



Super cats (flaying on a super secret meeting - that's why they don't wear their capes)

All of those bookmarks will be available in my Etsy shop!



DS II 10 - Arrival - commissioned work

I guessed that, since those French cats suit the theme so much and I have made them today, they actually can be treated as today's Daily Sketch :)

Here are some sketches from which they were chosen. M and S are capitals of their names and the pictures are relevant to their nature :)

I could paint cats every day!


DS II 9 - Geography

Word 'geography' appeared to be quite hard to picture. Unlike with other illustrations I had to figure out the idea, it has not been waiting for me in my head. But I guess it's a good thing - making my brain work harder :)

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From my sketchbook #5

In this part of sketches most of them were made for my DS II works - just jotted some ideas down.

 The first idea for a 'relationship' picture were girls making braids to each other. Oh, and on the top of the page you can also see a hedgehog with his favourite brush :)

 Working on the look of the girls in 'relationship' illustration. Then suddenly a faerie appears! She looks like some kind of a warrior faerie here.

 But here she does not look like that anymore ;) As you can see, at the beginning she was holding a sword - I have no idea from where that match came..

 Here someone is getting prepared for a party. Firstly I wanted her to paint her lips but I thought that adding mascara on lashes is more silly - especially with a mouth always open ;) The cats you can see are first sketches for 2 commissioned cat pictures I'll be making today.

And here are the ideas for the last 4 Daily Sketches. The 'leaf' one I had already clearly pictured in my mind so I just had to decide on the composition. As for 'arcade' I wanted to make something that looked like from an arcade game. And since I already had Faceless Faeries in my mind, then here's what came out of it :) Silly thing, when I got to 'chewing' I thought of chewing a cat ^_^" Some weird stuff is living in my head! The lady at the bottom will be a Daily Sketch II 9 - 'geography'.

Enough for today :) With DSII I make a lot of sketches everyday so soon enough I will show a new bunch of them.


DS II 8 - Chewing

And that's the kind of silly idea I get so often...

*om nom nom*

Check out my Etsy shop if you're interested in purchasing this picture or any other Daily Sketch illustration :)


DS II 7 - Arcade

Fabulous Word Generator has given me this word - arcade. I checked if it has got a different meaning than I'm used to and, actually, the way I think of arcade is so much different than the dictionary's way ;)

For me word ARCADE will always be connected to games.

And here's my fierce and adventurous Faceless Faerie Warrior on her quest :)

If you'd like to get this tiny little faerie to accompany you every day, just check my Etsy shop. You can find there all of my Daily Sketches (look in the Little Pieces section).


DS II 6 - Leaf

This time a word has been given by my friend. But she gives me words not to paint or draw them but to write short stories about them. However, as it usually is when it comes to visual creators - the image came to me faster than the plot ;)

Actually, plot is still way way behind ;]

UPDATE 2012 I 18

I've added few more layers and I think it looks better now :)

As usual, you can find this illustration in my Etsy store.



Prepare - Illustration Friday + DS II 5

Day 5! :) I should post it on Friday so I guess I'm a bit late. But, let's face it, better later than never!

You may not know it but I have a very big crush on everything 50's-like, retro & rockabilly style, tattoos and corsets. And red hair. So here's all-in-1 :)

You can find this image in my Etsy shop in the Little Pieces section.


DS II 4 - Synonym

It appears that this picture is really my 2nd one from this Daily Sketch, not 4th. When I was making posts about the previous ones this hedgehog hid somewhere and I thought 'that's all'. Then I found it. Good to know that I'm one less behind ;)

As usual, you can find this picture ready for purchase in my Etsy shop.


DS II 3 - Caring

Firstly, I wanted her to be a very cute fairy but at some point she got that mischievous face grin and then, from nowhere, a match appeared in her hands. I think she may not be caring in a way positive for you anymore... Now it's more like - caring to burn your house down when you least expect it ;)

You can find this picture and the rest of my Daily Sketches in my Etsy shop. They all are in the Little Pieces section where the prices are always less than $20 :)


DS II 2 - Relationship

I've got some sketches made for this one. I will show them all in a separate 'from my sketchbook' post :)

This illustration can be found in my Etsy shop.


For choosing words for every day's sketch I'm using this Word Generator. It's more handy than picking up words from a dictionary ;)


Bunny girl day

It has been a day of bunnies :)


Grounded - Illustration Friday + Daily Sketch II 1

Some time ago I've been making Daily Sketches and, looking back, it was not only fun. I've learnt a great deal then. That's why I've been aiming to try it one more time. Wonder what will I learn this time :)

Also - I will put all those images for sale in my Etsy shop. They will be, probably, mostly Little Pieces so their price won't reach more than $20. Hopefully, all of them will find a new home =:3

I don't remember if I have ever been grounded, but every time I had to study something for a test/exam I felt like being punished more and more with every single page ;)



Christmas baby angels

This Christmas my family was a host, what happens quite rarely. I liked it a lot, it was so much more peaceful but it also didn't feel like true Christmas. I'm just used to going to Pulawy city where all my family was born and where the rest of our relatives live.

My mum was quite excited with all that Christmas preparations and she got crazy decorating house. For example, I with my youngest sister have to make napkin holders. I never thought that just laying the napkins next to plates is so yesterday ;)

Here are the holders:

We had to sew together those angels and straps (in shape of Christmas trees, of course!). It was my sister's first time of using needle so the first angel she made was a bit bloody ;P

And here are some more photos, my family really wanted to see those ^^ And you will also see a bit of my life.

 Those are my two sisters - Kate (bigger one) and Zuzia (smaller one). They both are younger :)

 Here are my grandparents (from mum's side of family). In the background you can see a fish tank on which my cat usually sleeps.

This is my dad and a fish plate I won last year through Design Files. My dad loves to eat fish so he decided to make a very fancy version of a pike perch with apples, cranberries and I-have-no-idea-what-more. It was yummy!

Mmmm... :3

I hope that we will be hosting Easter breakfast too!



Happy New Year!

Here's a brand new illustration I've made for F My Life.

Its story:
Today, I went out for New Year's. When I got back, I found my house had been broken into. I found a note saying, "Happy New Year, sucker." FML

But I wish that your New Year will be happy indeed :)


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