Old tunes

I have some music problems lately...I don't know what exactly I want to listen and so I end up changing music genres and bands all the evening and none of the work waiting is done. Advantage of this is that I've re-listened songs I've almost forgotten about :) Oh, those are nice songs and they were my favourites some time ago.

Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You
Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
Bonobo - Ketto
Cat Power - Sea of Love
Lily Allen - Knock Em Out

Five is enough for you :) Each of the songs suits my different mood so it's hard to compare them. Still, I like them all and I wonder how is that possible I've nearly forgotten about them..


I've pushed a bit all the commissions I had to do (and I still have to do) and I feel relieved. Like if nothing was hanging above my head and neck now. And as usual it took me so little time! I should have done it earlier! It's always the same. That's why, although it's the contest's deadline today, I've just started to do my entry. Ech... It's high time to do something, anything, properly. Sit down to it a week earlier and change ideas, play with colours, not get angry - just have fun doing what I, in fact, really enjoy.


Fairy-tale illustration for a school. Hmm... what tale can it be? ;)

Part of an outline of a portrait I'm doing. I can already feel it will be a great piece :D

First sketch for the contest I've mentioned. I've tried to use this idea (girl sitting on a little bridge and putting her foot to the water) but it just didn't look right. I've changed the idea and it looks fine now. I'll show it later on.

Two more sketches for my diploma. This time me in bed with a little Faceless Faerie guarding my dreams and me playing Heroes of Might and Magic V with my over-enthusiastic sister. I really like her face expression. Believe me - she looks just like that when we play. And she can't stop talking.


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