New kitty

My mum got herself a kitty :) It's half a maine coon and it's a cutie.

I'm not really sure if it's a SHE but since it was our first impression, right now she's called Tola. However, I wanted to call her Little My and my Love calls her Bobek (Stinky in a Polish version of 'The Moomins'). If she turns out to be a HE, I think the Bobek name will stay ;)

My cat, on the other hand, is not so happy with this new-cat situation. She stays under a coach most of the time. Wonder how much time will it take for her to get normal again... And I wonder if they will become friends.



26 things on my 26th birthday - half year gone, half to go

Let's see how I'm doing my list :)

1. Get driving licence. At last. DONE!
2. Write and illustrate my own book. In progress, but I don't see it coming to life too quick :P
3. Make my web site. Yeah, right...
4. Create a T-shirt design (and get that Tee to wear!). CREATED! But I don't have it on my back, yet.
5. Learn to sew. I still have time :P
6. Sew something for me to wear. For this too!
7. Sew something for the house to have. And for this!
8. Make an inspiration board (because it's not so inspiring right now..). DONE! It's pretty blue and looks cute :)
9. Learn Italian (go through the whole beginning course I've got). Yeah, right...
10. Learn Finnish (same thing) Yeah... ;]
11. Get a new pretty tattoo :) Designing. I always have hard time deciding.
12. Keep my weight. It's OK for now :)
13. Get more girly. I've got longer hair! :D But skirts and dresses still sit in my closet.
14. Make Daily Sketch vol. 2 for at least a month. DONE! But I would like to do more of it.
15. Read all books by Trudi Canavan. Almost done! 2 to go.
16. And 'Witcher' books. Two done, five to go :)  
17. And all 'Moomins' books :3 Waiting.
18. And finish reading all those books I've started and stopped reading for some unknown reason. Waiting too.
19. Find a representative in UK and/or US. That's SO waiting :P
20. Win a contest. I'm trying, really!
21. Buy something valuable for my Love. Done! :)  
22. Get more into zen. I can see a slight progress.
23. Practice yoga. I can do better!
24. Take my Etsy shop to a next level. Not really convinced if that's a 'next level'. Must try harder.
25. Visit two places I have never been to before. Yet to come - I'm waiting for warmer days.
26. Get out to my own place. I don't see any progress here.

Done - 7
In progress - 8
Totally not done - 11

I think it looks quite good :)


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