Fungi farm and the Guardian of the Gate

On Thursday I took my sister to the cinema where our mum was waiting for her. I did not go on the movie - I was just to take her there and then take her back home and walk her to school. So I ended up with soooo much free time and nothing to do. My plan to go and buy some acrylics was a good one as long as it appeared it took me 15 minutes ;]

So I decided to buy myself some coffee, a cheap notebook and very cheap pen and draw while waiting. That was a good idea!

Remember my idea for a contest entry? I showed it in the last post.

So here's more of the idea :) This is Gaku - the Guardian of the Gate. he's a bull, although it may not seem so ;)

This is Sebastian, a small hedgehog. He's very brave and full of energy.
This is Krasula, Gaku's daughter. (INFO = "Krasula" is a Polish word, it's a way of calling a cow; so in English it would be "Roan")

This is Sebastian and Krasula. As you may guess - they will become friends ^^


On the Wednesday evening I went with my Love and his friends , whom I loke a lot!, on one of those friend's allotment. We had a barbecue and we played bilard and ping pong and drank some %, but not too much ;) In the morning we were sitting outside, warming in the sunshine. It was a very nice ascapade.

Here's an introduction of the place :)

There were many pretty flowers outside a house.

And even more fungi. That's why I called it a 'Fungi Farm' ;)

Like from a fairy-tale... You may not believe but it's the first time I saw toadstool. I only saw it in books and movies but not in reality ;P

There were many old toadstool there too. Some of them even lost their dots. This is one that was curved in from its oldness ;P Don't know if you see it but for me the water shapes into a heart symbol :3

Tiny spider :3 Trees and bushes on this allotment had beautiful leaves' colours. Yellow, orange, red, violet... amazing!


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