R2D2 returns ;)

During this weekend I went with my sister Kate to Puławy to visit our family and get charged. This place is the best one to make you batteries work as they should - to the full!

On the way to a cinema we found out that C3PO and R2D2 were going somewhere too :D We didn't want to disturb them so I just took a quick photo of them and my sis ;)

We went to the cinema to see 'Dzieci Ireny Sendlerowej' (it's 'The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler' in English) and I must admit that it was really worth it. Together with 'The Pianist' and 'Katyń', and probably something more I can not remember now, it's something everyone should see. It makes your heart grow bigger and bleed because of its greatness unable to be used in times like this.

Go and watch them!




Today I went on a little trip to Czarnolas (let's call it BlackForest Village :P). I had a business in there - I was commissioned to paint Museum of Jan Kochanowski which is there. (From those who don't know - what's probably all of you - Jan Kochanowski was a famous Polish poet)

His home, which now is the museum, is a really enchanted place *nods* I would love to spend there some more time.

Here is the building and it's surroundings. Of course they look much much better when you are there and look but I guess all of you can't go there ;)

And here's some in-progress stage of my little painting. I prefer bigger ones!

Here's a dog that came and would not go away :P It was overenthusiastic and I had to put my paints and the canvas away or get them devastated XD I could not even take a proper photo because it was too mobile. Silly old dog!



Strong - Illustration Friday

I bought myself a set of soft pastels so it was obvious that a day of trying them out will come sooner or later. And today it came!
Yesterday I made a sketch of a simple thing I want to draw and find out (again) if soft pastels are really that horrible. I've decided to use Illustration Friday's theme for this week - STRONG.

Preparing of the work place - paper for soft pastels, the sketch, pastels, pencil, rubber and pen.

After drawing a girl and her dragon with pencil I made the outlines using a brown pen.

Start of the colouring! I like how it looks here... Maybe the next work made with those pastels will be very yellowish with red dots :D

And suddenly it's finished! It's magic, I tell you :D

And now let's wonder - who is the STRONG one? The girl or the dragon?



Zaczarowana Szuflada - the contest

On Sunday I went on a trip to Warsaw, the capital city, with my <3. I had a business there - I won a contest for an illustration based on a poem for children written by some lady. The poem was about drawers in one's head and what they contain.

Here you can see some photos from the event. It lasted for 3 days and there were many interesting things to do there but we were there only for 2 hours on Sunday.

The photos are big enough to click and look closer.

Me getting my diploma and a present.


I've got soft pastels, a big kit of them! Shame I bought myself a set of soft pastels 3 days ago == but those are round and the ones I bought are square! At least there's a bit of difference between them. They published a book with the illustrations and mine is on the cover. Sweeeeet *^__^*

There was en exhibition of dolls, puppets and other craft thingies.

They've got nice clothes :)

Lion! (at least I think it's one..)

Now let's get the author's signature =:3

And here are other winning works and the ones nominated. Top right here is my favourite. It won in it's category (children less than 4 years old).

Here's the one that should win in my category (older than 17).

Don't you think it's amazing?


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