Three goodies

Only good news today! :D

Another Creature came to me on Monday. It didn't tell me what it's name was but it said that it wants to go to my friend, Monster Princess, and stay with her. So on the next day I took the Creature to my school and when my friend came it at once said it's name, Elmo, and that it's a boy.

This is him, Elmo boy :)


He is a shy Creature. At least that's what Monster Princess says. They look good together, though.


More good news: as I've decided some time ago - I will not make any more still-lives at school. It's been already two classes when I drew what I wanted and what surely is not a still-life and has nothing of apples, ribbons and white cloths in itself.

The idea of a High-Five Enthusiast struck me some time ago, when I was drawing something for a contest (if I remember it right). Firstly, he was supposed to be a bit 3D with his arms reaching out from a paper on which he would be drawn. It would be a good contest work - a bit different from any other. But he ended up as my inspiration on drawing classes and he looks just as I've imagined him.

When I was drawing a High-Five Enthusiast she came to me - a Lady with a white mask and an embroidered dress. Week later I drew her, it was still so clear in my mind, I remembered how everything looked. Those two works are not very 'MINE', I'm not used to do surreal drawings but well, when they come, I can not possibly resist. I even should not try to *nods*

I already know who wants to be drawn on the next classes - he has big and tangled antlers, a deer-like head and there is a shining glass sphere in front of him. Can't wait to make him alive on my drawing!


And now it's time for the biggest announcement: I've finished my portrait! :D My mum says it looks like me so I think the basic condition of a self-portrait was met. I am ready to work on it a bit in the future, only if I'll be enormously bored and have absolutely nothing else to do, but as for now I'm very very happy with the result ^^ My grandma will be pleased too, I'm sure! (It was made for my grandparents)



Artistic rage during Easter

This time you'll see pictures mostly, not what I write (and write and write and write and there is always so much for me to write and too much for you to read...).
Let's begin!

This one was created while waiting for sth to do on a meeting described below. It's inspired by 'The Last Elf' by Silvana De Mari. Incredible book, I recommend!

This is The Meeting :) as usual we were doing something for a contest - this time those are 5 self-portraits. By 'we' I mean us, the girls...

... and the boys...

... oh yeah :D

Easter! Here you can see two eggs I've decorated. It's 'drapanki' in Polish, give me a minute I'll check if it's a name for this in English....
One minute later: It's here. It's called 'drapanki' as well but you can read more if you're interested :3

Oh! They look beautiful! This year mum decided that an Easter dinner table looks too boring and we should do some funny and sweet-looking muffins and that's exactly what we did :)

So many already eaten! And the photo was taken a day before Easter! *zgroza!*

The most hungry members of the family :D The first one is Tina, our dog, the next one is Kacper, my dad's part of the family dog. They are pleased to meet you. Do you have something to eat? :3

I saw 'Bridge to Terabithia'. It's magical. I just couldn't resist...

I still couldn't handle it :P (I even bought my sister the book so she will not be able to handle it too ^^)

And here I've just finished reading 'Witch Child' by Celia Rees. I was anxious throughout the whole story. It's amazingly written, having a great pace and leaves your head full of ideas. Stories about witches (or to-be witches or never-were-but-people-thought-different witches) are my hobby-horse - I could read them all the time and never get bored.

Look who's here! A creature! Unfortunately, it did not tell me it's name (probably thinks I'm not trustworthy). But it's now with my sister and maybe she knows how it is called :)

Here's a sad story :(
Even before the Creatures came to me this little butterfly appeared. It was beautiful, glittery pink with green and mauve spots. Unfortunately, it died on the next day ;(

*still sad*


Mysterious creatures from a nearby bush

Today, when I came out for a little walk, I saw something shiny glittering in a bush next to my block of flats. I came closer and I couldn't believe my eyes - three colourful unknown (I'm sure of that!) species were napping on the branches so unaware of their uniqueness. I took a camera out of my pocket ( it's good to have a camera always somewhere near, oh yes it is!) and took few photos.

Unfortunately, they woke up just then and flew away (or fell down, it depends...). I wanted to see them once again so I searched everywhere they could fly/go. Few minutes later I noticed something bright blue on the grass and I was sure it's one of them. And I was right! I found them again and took few more photos :)

While taking those photos I tried to introduce myself and, also, I explained those little creatures that they are very unique and they should find a nice shelter to hide in if they want to survive. I explained that there are many weird people around there and surely one of them would like to see all three creatures lying dead in a glass box.
Just then those little species got a bit anxious and they asked politely if there is a possibility I could hide them somewhere. I didn't have any idea where should this hiding place be but then they announced that if I'm such a nice person then my own home must be as nice too. I thought it will the best to agree and then they introduced themselves.

From the left: Franciszek, Honorata, Skarabeusz Jeżyna.

So we went home.

No sooner that Franciszek went into my home, he found a new best friend - my sister Zuu. Now they are inseparable. However, Skarabeusz and Honorata stayed with me and they look very happy together ^^

They also said that there are three more creatures to come to me. So I will take a lot of photos and upload them here as soon as they show up. Stay tuned then!



Poise - Illustration Friday

I'm quite amazed that this time I've managed to create my Illustration Friday work without a hurry and not during a Thursday night... That's a bit weird :D

When I've read this week's theme POISE I've had two, let's call them, visions. 1st - a girl sitting stiffly on a fancy chair, just like if she'd choke a broomstick; picture made in a Victorian style, using oils. 2nd - a girl trying to keep her balance while walking on a fallen tree laying across a stream. And she needed to wear a hood. So there was no way she could not be a Red Riding Hood :D

Now, let's see the process :)

Character design and composition's conception. Nice hood you've got girl :3

Sketch on a watercolour paper :) Can you see anything there?

Then I inked the outline with a thin line and made few bold lines on the Hood so she would stand out more.

Made a background using watercolours. I wanted it to look simple and clean.

First layer of the foreground :) It's so exciting! :D

I was wondering how to make a water look like a water not like a blue cloth or something. Because I didn't want it to gain too much attention compared with the Hood I've decided to do it in the simplest way - paint it dirty-blue and tap it a bit with a handkerchief. Few more colours later on will make it look just right *nods with approval*

Oh! It's almost done! >o<

Finished!! :D

Good job :D


I've promised to show a character design for a Cherry Lady. So here it is. Done during the most boring lecture you can imagine ;)


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