Pink Clouds (Marathon - Day23)

It's been a while since I used watercolours but it's great to hug them again and have a nice conversation :3

The piece I did today has it's little story behind but not of what is on the picture (you can clearly see that) but of how was it made. You see, I've been preparing my portfolio for a while and I've even written down the things, certain themes or ideas, that just have to be there - the images that may give me job because they can be easily connected with popular themes or their style can be adapted to other illustrations without any problems. So on my list are few typical children's book illustrations; designs of adult characters with specific jobs, like a fireman or a cook; there is an illustration with a birthday cake; with a little town and it's inhabitants. Also one of the works-to-do on my list is a piece similar to something I've already done but better. The piece I'm talking about is 'Party Goddess' which shows a nice idea but the way it's done leaves me with a not-that-broad smile.

Therefore, I decided to cross this image out from my to-do-list today. Half of the idea was done - a very slim lady in a big dress.

For another half of the idea I checked my 100 Themes Challenge and read all those themes that are still undone. It's a good way to complete ideas that are floating in your mind, almost ready to be created on paper but there is still something lacking in them. I decided to use the 'Lock and Key' theme and I at once had the idea of the lady's dress changing into a river and a boat with a fishing man with a key on his rod. I had no idea where to put the doors (I knew there will be some doors somewhere) but ideas never stop coming to me so I knew this one will come sooner or later :3

So I started sketching with a pencil (no doors here), adding details with a pencil (still no doors), inking the outline (doors will come soon for sure), colouring with watercolours - first layer, second one, third... And when I finished I realized I have totally forgotten about this key and those doors :D It's a bit of shame since it would look lovely but it looks nice anyway - theme spared for another time ;)

So now we have something like... let's see... Mother Earth?

Checked the themes once again in pursuit of something fitting to this image but, I think, Mother Earth will stay :3


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