Fashion stuff (Marathon - Day13, 15 and 18)

I'm not in a obvious mood of creating now so I decided I'll write about the marathon, since the last day I wrote about it was the 12th one and now is the 20th...

I have so many fashion projects/designs in my head at the moment that I don't know where to start, what to do first. And that's a shame because I have to make them quickly and maybe, MAYBE, they will be in a book about fashion illustrations :D But I will say no more now :3

What I like the best in this type of illustration is that I can do whatever I want. And however I want. There is no need to draw realistic looking girl, the clothes can be impossible to sew but it doesn't matter - the moment of drawing them is important, the first impression of the colours used, of the idea hiding behind the whole concept. It's like setting free a part of your inner self that have always been in captivity. It's a great feeling :)

The image from Day13 is a little pack of designs based on Eastern culture - its traditions and actual times. I like the colours of it, they look so royal and make the clothes look calm and a bit romantic when not mixed but after mixing those greens and violets we get an incredible dose of energy.

Another one, from Day15, is also connected with Asian culture but this time oriented more on Japan. I think there would be no problem in meeting a person dressed like this while walking around Shibuya or other fancy parts of Tokyo. These pinks look neat :D I love them!! <3

Day18 is a beginning of a new idea - Rainy Day. As I have described it on DA: "By 'Rainy Days' I mean designs in grey and dirty colours but with happy orange or yellow accents and details that make the whole outfits interesting.". In those designs it's not all about the colours - they are gloomy and make you feel sad and unhealthy - it's all about the way of making those clothes. Details, mixes, accents, jewellery, bags, embroider - they all together make a grand design.


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