Daylight (Marathon - Day9)

As I've said on DA in the description to this image - I had the idea in my mind since the very first moment I saw the topic of the Children's Illustrator's Club monthly theme 'Hidden Garden'. I like those secretive themes, they always make my imagination go wild.

So let's see the process of making 'Daylight':

1. I did the sketchy sketch (lighter one) and then added the, let's say, final sketch of the girl. The idea of the background was flowers and a hedgehog just to not make the r4eal background :3

2. I quickly changed my idea as you can see ;P Here I made a background with some plains and a little fence - there will be flowers near this fence later on *nods*

3. Now, I told you there will be flowers! :D I also made the fence look more 3d. At this point I decided to use greens, yellows and reds to colour the girl. And, although I firstly thought there will be different kinds of flowers on this meadow, I decided to make only poppies. It's a simple image so too much colours would make it look unnecessarily complicated.

4. Base colours of the little girl. I like how it looks here - a bit of contour but not that we are all aware it's it ;P

5. Look! More poppies! :3 I did the grass and the flowers at the very end. And I found out that the shadow on the girl is in the opposite direction than the one on the fence ;P *then went a little fixing*

6. Here I just adjusted the colours since I was making it on a laptop and the colours on Calliope (my PC) looked a bit plain and too pastel. I have no idea how they look on your screens :P

Hope you liked this process. If you want I can make more steps next time but this one was a simple work so there was nothing more to show, I think ;)


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  1. Since Calliope is your desktop, do you call your laptop Ares?


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