The Marathon (Day1)

I've started a Creating Marathon in which I have to make one piece of art, drawing, painting or sth digital every day. Wonder how long will I last in this resolution :)

I think it's a good thing to do something like this once in a while to mobilize oneself, to keep one's mind open and reach to the parts of one's creativity not known before. There are so many ideas floating around in our minds all the time but - until we really want to - we won't reach them. Also, what is a more practical point of view, there are plenty of unfinished works waiting for their time, monthly and weekly themes to use as an inspiration or contest we can enter, we just have to sit down and create.

Apparently lack of ideas will not be my weak point in this challenge. My laziness will be :D But that's an obvious thing ;)

Wish me luck =:3


This is my first day entry. Hermione Granger form Harry Potter's series - my beloved bookworm and know-all-and-how girl. What I like in her the most is her stubbornness in gaining knowledge and her believes that wisdom is good and you can not put everything on luck. She is worth everything :3


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