Fryderyk (Marathon - Day11)

Actually, I have no idea how to make pixel art :D I've just read somewhere that it can be made in MS Paint or Photoshop or any other software of this type. And that's all I know.

I had no problems with Fryderyk till the moment I saved the image and I checked the colours on a different screen. It was sooooo small! So tiny I could hardly see it. Have I overdone it a bit? :3 I was wondering if there is a well known to all pixel-art-makers resolution of canvas on which great works with colourful squares can be made. With the bigger works it about 3000x4000px and 300DPI, so how is it with pixel art?

You may already know my and my sister's hamster, Fryderyk. We bought him when he was so small you couldn't say if he's a boy or a girl and he was sleeping all the time. Now he still sleeps all the time but you have no problem in seeing that he's a HE because his testicles are big enough to see with closed eyes. What always makes me smile is the way Fryderyk sits - he sits on his little butt and takes his great balls in font of him and then, with his tail behind, you are unable to overturn him :D Oh! And when he sits on the upper level of his cage he inserts his testicles between the rods of the floor. Sometimes it looks as if he was broken or just in the process of multiplying by budding... Silly little hamster :3


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