Drawers in our minds (Day3)

Another day of the marathon!

It was hard today because I wanted (not needed but wanted) to study to get the best final mark in one of the subjects at my university. I'll let you know if it was worth spending my time on this additional learning.

Still, I have an image to show you. This work was made also for the contest announced by some Warsaw's MDK (how can I translate this "MDK" thingy? A Municipal House of Culture? It's a place, there are few of them in every town, where active people meet and share their passions - there are dancing classes there, painting ones, people collecting and playing CCG meet there too and children can go there and have their activities organized in a very productive way when they have too much free time to spend. It's something like this :3). The theme was to illustrate a poem dedicated to children. The prize in this contest is the possibility of using your illustration in the published version of the story which includes that poem.

The story is about of what the insides of our head are made - lots and lots of drawers. There are big ones and small ones and even those tiniest ones and in each and every one of them something is hidden. In one of them is a hamster who eats a lot and I've decided to use it as a main hero of my drawing :) Why? Because I have a hamster of my own, his name is Fryderyk, and he likes to eat a lot too :D So this is him on the picture.

I'm not sure if my work will win anything. I think it's too colourful :/ And unfortunately I have only a quite bad photo of it since my scanner decided he is broken and he won't scan anything (and *oh just go away and leave me alone so I can make those weird noises*) so I have to take a photo. I hate taking photos when the sun is almost down and the light has a odd colour and then everything looks awful and it's always impossible to fix it in photoshop. Damn...

But maybe they will have a scanner who does not have a bad day and they will make it look neat :D


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  1. Great picture, love the palette. :) But why is it that the child in the bottom left is the only one not having fun? Oh, MDK should be translated to a community center or a youth club.


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